Politicizing the Princess Bride?


Not long before social media (and the election of Donald Trump) made it impossible for people of strongly differing views and diametrically opposed political causes to remain on good speaking terms, National Education Association of Rhode Island Executive Director Bob Walsh and I had a see-we’re-both-human conversation about the classic movie and book, The Princess Bride.

That moment bubbled up in my memory as I absorbed the cultural significance of this news:

For those who find it “inconceivable” for President Donald Trump to serve a second term, Wisconsin Democrats offered a star-packed live-streamed script reading of “The Princess Bride” to help Joe Biden’s campaign in the key battleground state.

The original cast of the beloved 1987 film reunited Sunday, along with guest stars including Whoopi Goldberg, Eric Idle of Monty Python and Josh Gad, and all the money raised benefited Wisconsin Democrats. After the reading, comedian Patton Oswalt moderated a Q&A with cast members.

It’s something like a cultural crime to politicize that uniting movie for rank partisan purposes.  It’s one thing for artists to show their colors and use their fame for political purposes, but on a much longer-standing and profound level than the election of the day, a society needs common ground and shared memories.

Sports are moving rapidly off the list.  Apolitical movies should not be.  To put money in the hands of politicians, the Hollywoodites are driving us toward complete disunion.

  • ShannonEntropy

    Politics used to be something done in smoke-filled back rooms

    Nowadays, *everything* is political: what you wear; what you eat; who you sleep with; and now even sports (( Ask Curt Schilling why he isn’t in the Hall of Fame yet ))

    Hollywood has always had a political flavor, going back to the days Reagan was President of the Screen Actors Guild during the McCarthy hearings. But at least back then it was balanced, with Reagan and the Right battling the Commie Lefties

    Nowadays, The Left has totally taken over. Right-wingers like Rhody’s own James Woods have their careers ruined. You have to be an iconic figure like Clint Eastwood or Charlton Heston to get away with being conservative

    I rarely watch modern movies cuz they are constantly shoving political carp down our throats. Watching the latest Mad Max movie, where Max plays second fiddle and takes orders from a woman — a woman !! — was the last straw for me

    Mel Brooks said recently that “Blazing Saddles” would never get made today. Heck, neither would “Wizard of Oz”…. microagressions galore against witches, munchkins, and flying monkeys !!

    • Rhett Hardwick

      Have you noticed the number of interracial families in commercials? They have “discovered” that 8% of couples are interracial.

      • ShannonEntropy

        There is an iron-clad rule in TV advertising:

        If three guys are shown sitting on a couch, one of them has to be black

        • Rhett Hardwick

          Guess I don’t watch enough television. My info above is from the WSJ.