Registration Now Required for Commenting


Ocean State Current and Anchor Rising before it have always had completely open commenting systems.  Times have changed, though.  Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have developed to answer a lot of the impetus that used to lead people to leave one-off comments on blogs, and proxy servers have become so commonplace that the light-touch comment management we used to pursue for random stoppers-by isn’t really possible anymore.  Meanwhile, many of the comments are from folks who read regularly.

Therefore, some registration will now be required in order to comment.  You can use Twitter, Facebook, or Google, or you can register quickly for a Disqus account.  It only takes a moment, and it’s still anonymous, if you insist.  The only real difference, if you go the Disqus route, is that if you don’t verify your email address, your comment will have to be approved before it appears.

We’ll give it a try and see how it goes.

  • ShannonEntropy

    The trolls who occasionally post here provide some light -hearted and -headed entertainment … so I vote to let them stay anonymous. But it is YOUR site, Justin, so do as you will

    I choose to remain anonymous cuz being an ultra-conservative Libertarian in a State like Li’l Rhody is like being an armadillo crossing a Texas highway … and I like my exoskeleton un·crushed

    Anyone else here who wants to contact me can do so at my email addy

    And for all he does for us ,, I repeat my offer to avid-Catholic Justin to buy him a one year’s subscription // membership to the American Chesterson Society … you won’t regret it I assure you !!

    p.s. In the morning we are off to Atlantic City for a few days so be patient waiting for my replies, ‘kay ??

  • John

    Whatever! The whole world is grabbing up all of our info from all those other social media sites anyway!

  • Mike678