The Ideological MSM: Puff Pieces Versus Hit Jobs


Can we take a moment, during lunchtime to state the obvious for the benefit of those who might not see it?  If this article by Providence Journal reporter Kathy Gregg had been about a conservative grassroots movement, it would have been very different:

Groups locally and nationally are seeking to capitalize on the amalgam of energy, anger and fear that sent men and women by the thousands via car, bus, train and plane to Washington, D.C., and their home-state capitals to “make [their] voices heard.”

“Amalgam”?  If the politics were flipped, dark insinuations about funding would have played a major role in setting the tone.  As it is, Gregg doesn’t mention funding once.  A conservative-related article would also have included clearly dismissive statements attempting to make the whole thing seem like a partisan charade for the GOP.  In this case, Gregg doesn’t even bother to label far-left state Representative Aaron Regunberg as a Democrat.  The journalist would also have raised questions about how the talk of “love” and “tolerance” jibs with the vulgar and aggressive signs some were carrying.

But front and center would probably have been incidents at similar events across the country, like:

  • The man who hit a female conservative reporter in Canada.
  • The men who took signs from female pro-life marchers and mocked them while ripping them up.
  • The woman who lit a pro-Trump woman’s hair on fire in D.C.

The blatant double standard of discrediting people with whom journalists disagree, ideologically, while covering up for those who share their ideology is why people on the right don’t trust the news media.

  • Mike678

    Hypocricy is a central tenet of liberalism.