The Left Doesn’t Believe in Agreeing to Disagree


It seems that no school is too small to draw the attention of the conformity police in the new American progressive totalitarianism, as Holly Scheer highlights on The Federalist:

… The Obama administration is investigating a school in Wisconsin for sending home letters telling parents and students that they expect students to live within Christian values while at school. This is a private Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod school that serves a tiny group of students—from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade they have 147 students and 10 teachers.

In February the school instituted some new policies that sparked a complaint from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. These policies include having parents provide a birth certificate (with the child’s sex on it) and signing a handbook that gives the school the right to discipline students for exhibiting sinful behavior.

Christians thought they could carve out enclaves for their beliefs if they gave up the tax dollars that they’ve already paid for public school and paid again for private school.  Now, progressives claim Christians can avoid persecution if they just give up their right to equal access to government funds for educational services.

We know that to be a temporary position, though, allowing the Left to keep its mask on for just a while longer, because we’ve already seen Christian bakers persecuted for declining to participate in same-sex wedding ceremonies.  The clear reality is that if you go out in public — if you do anything that can have any effect on other people in any way (see Senator Whitehouse’s desired climate change inquisition) — progressives believe government should force you to conform to their worldview.

Whatever these people believe in, it isn’t freedom.  They are the heirs to the ideological oppressors against whom our history lessons were supposed to inoculate us.  They’ve just created a new church for themselves, and it will be all the more difficult to correct for the fact that it’s Godless.

  • Ron Ruggieri

    Not a few readers will be surprised to learn that there is no generic LEFT devoted to persecuting religion. Many ” democratic socialists ” have been appalled by the war on God, especially Catholic Church bashing and rampant Islamophobia , for a long time.
    ” Socialism ” is hardly monolithic anywhere on the planet. Perhaps the biggest mistake of Soviet era ” socialism/communism ” was to make the state officially godless and atheistic -actively hostile to humanity’s spiritual quest.
    In that infamous ” Prayer on the Wall ” controversy at Cranston West High School I thought the New Atheists were being arrogant and obnoxious.
    Catholic Bishop Tobin was just upholding church doctrine when he opposed gay marriage. I thought secular ” marriage ” was beyond the moral authority of the Pope. But there was never anything ” hateful ” about traditional Catholicism. I note the ” progressive “- quasi-socialist ? – social philosophy of the Catholic Church.
    It is this always so politically correct pseudo-Left that is waging war on God. Their cult leader, Christopher Hitchens, wrote a nasty book titled ” God is not Great – how religion poisons everything “.
    None of the illiberal liberal New Atheists have a quarrel with ” free market capitalism “.Or with the more fanatical brand of Zionism.
    I suspect most ” democratic socialist ” types view religion with benign indifference.

  • Russ

    “if you do anything that can have any effect on other people in any way… progressives believe government should force you to conform to their worldview”

    Actually religious schools can do as they see fit so long as they don’t violate federal law, as is the case if they receive federal funding. Federal law is pretty clear that they can and do legally discriminate if they don’t take federal funds.

    Are there other laws you’d have us apply selectively or just this one? If a racist organization wants to run a school, should they still receive federal funds? Sounds like a slipper slope to me.