The No-Brainer of Tiverton Casino Revenue Usage


I’ve got a post up on the redesigned and content-increased Tiverton Fact Check reviewing some of the scenarios that the Tiverton government is considering as it discusses what should be done with the pending windfall from state gambling revenue.  At this point, I’m leaning toward an “every penny” approach to tax reductions.  As I write in the post:

While the budget was exploding in the years before the financial town referendum (FTR) put an end to the abuse, spending advocates measured the taxes by how many cups of coffee Tiverton residents would have to give up each year — as in, “This is the equivalent of just one cup of coffee per day.”  Now that we’ve all adjusted our caffeine habits accordingly, revenue from the casino presents an opportunity for the people of Tiverton to keep enough of their earnings for things they shouldn’t have had to give up in the first place, like home repairs, vacations, and retirement savings.

Elected and appointed officials are convincing themselves that they have a higher perspective and a responsibility to figure out how to keep control of the money away from taxpayers, but in Tiverton, as everywhere, we really do have the authority and the right to tell local government to get off our backs.

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It’s high time Rhode Islanders remembered their autonomy.  Do we really need any more evidence that people in government have no reasonable claim to competence?

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