The Price of Being Victimized


John DePetro has continued his attention to the most critical story of the day: letters to the editor and yoga pants in Barrington.  Saturday, he spoke with the letter writer, Alan Sorrentino, who said that he’d received death threats and was reminded of intimidation he felt in the past as a homosexual man.  This morning, DePetro tweeted Sorrentino’s claim that the Barrington police wanted him to pay for the detail they dispatched to his house the day of the parade.

As I suggested when I wrote about this story on Friday, the whole thing has the feeling of a TV comedy show (see, e.g.), but that doesn’t mean the lessons aren’t real and important.  As much as the people involved may be comedic — Sorrentino now insists he wrote his letter in the persona of somebody who would actually disgust him and the yoga fascists, well, they’re comedic outright — death threats are simply not acceptable.

If Sorrentino correctly understood the Barrington police, that request is unacceptable, too.  Grievance mobs simply cannot be permitted to impose government costs on their victims.

Whether people laugh at this turn of events or not, the effect on public dialogue cannot be doubted.  Anybody thinking of expressing opinions that aren’t perfectly in line with the politically correct, self righteous mobs will think again, and we’ll all be poorer for it.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    Did you notice that the story made this morning’s Drudge Report?

  • Mike678

    I though bullying was supposed to be a bad thing….

  • Joe Smith

    Shouldn’t the organizers have had to file for a permit and the police at that time should have charged a fee for the (reasonably) expected detail or waived the fee (and hence any right to charge except for perhaps misconduct by any individual during the vent)?

    From Barrington RI ordinances

    No parade shall be held or carried on within
    the limits of the Town of Barrington without a permit being issued

    application for a permit shall be accompanied by a fee, the amount of
    which shall be set by resolution in accordance with the provisions of
    Chapter 103, Fees and Charges, of the Code of the Town of Barrington.[2]


    Editor’s Note: See Ch. A225, Fee and Fine Schedule.