The Start of a Trail of Revelations About Obama Administration Deception


Surprise, surprise.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the Obama administration used bad data to justify a policy attack on for-profit colleges:

In early January the department disclosed that it had discovered a “coding error” that incorrectly computed College Scorecard repayment rates—that is, the percentage of borrowers who haven’t defaulted and have repaid at least one dollar of their loan principal. The department says the error “led to the undercounting of some borrowers who had not reduced their loan balances by at least one dollar.”

The department played down the mistake, but the new average three-year repayment rate has declined by 20 percentage points to 46%.

Oops!  On the pretext of this information, the Obama administration forced only for-profit colleges to put warning notices on all of their promotional materials, while…

When proposing the regulation, the department claimed that its analysis of Scorecard data showed that a large number of for-profits have repayment rates below 50% while very few public or nonprofit schools do. The department said it would not be fair to “burden” public and nonprofit colleges with a regulation that would apply to so few. Yet based on the updated data, 60% of two-year public colleges and nearly all historically black institutions have repayment rates below 50%.

So was the bad data “alternative facts” or “fake news”?  Ah, never mind.  President Trump insists more people watched his inauguration than probably did.  That’s what’s important.

  • The Misfit

    “So was the bad data “alternative facts” or “fake news”? Ah, never mind. President Trump insists more people watched his inauguration than probably did. That’s what’s important.” No that’s not what is important.What is important is the fact that the new President is obsessed with such trivial things. To the point that he had the President’s official voice issue false claims. Just like the Wall Street Times, I wont call it lies, but the WhiteHouse now cannot be taken seriously. They should not be taken seriously because of the complete silliness of Trump’s – our president- obsession with his bigness. You want to make this about the press. The issue should be about this guy who does not look or act like a president.

    • Justin Katz

      Look, I do not like Trump, but it is obvious to me that the news media is being stunningly aggressive and dishonest about him, probably with the hope of eliciting over-the-top reactions. As you note, that’s dangerous for the country, which some might see as an indication that mainstream journalists are willing to risk terrible harm to their country and to the world in order to bring their Democrat friends back in power to continue suppressing people with whom they do not agree.

      • Philip Spadola

        “stunningly aggressive and dishonest”
        “mainstream journalists are willing to risk terrible harm to their country”
        “to continue suppressing people with whom they do not agree.”

        These are some of the words you use to describe those journalists who are at the top of their professions. Journalists despite their privately held political beliefs are in competition with each other and because of that it is inconceivable that they would join in a conspiracy to “bring their Democrat friends back in power”. Absurd. How was Judith Miller of the NY Times trying to bring back her Democrat friends by getting access to Republican George W. Bush’ Administration just prior to the war in Iraq? What the NY Times not mainstream enough for you? To me the real threat here is if people don’t demand facts and not “alternate facts” and if aggressive journalists don’t pursue facts and inform the public. During the Vietnam war some journalists were accused of aiding the enemy mainly by the military commanders whose decisions were proving to be wrong and the defense contractors who wanted to continue the war in the face of a skeptical public that was being informed by the journalists on the ground. So this is nothing new that those in power hate the FACT that the press is not their tool. And don’t give me BS about the press and Obama. How did you get the information that you use constantly to bash the former President in not for that “aggressive” press.

        • Mike678

          Nice rant. Yes, Obama hated Fox news as it wasn’t his tool. Buckle up, pumpkin, you are in for a tough 4 to 8 years.

        • Justin Katz

          Calling something a conspiracy doesn’t make it so, or untrue even if so. You might have noticed that the news media is languishing both in business and in credibility. One might suggest that they are competing on the wrong metric, not on the quality and neutrality of their work product, but on the battle to please their left-wing, Democrat peers.

  • The Misfit

    Alternative facts is a new term made up by team trump. Blurring the lines wont help your arguments.