Tiverton Casino, 2 of 20 Things to Know


Ian Donnis’s weekly TGIF column highlights Twin River’s plans for a casino in Tiverton twice, once from the state’s perspective, and once from the town’s:

The parent company of Twin River may have pulled an ace when it unveiled a plan Monday to transfer gambling from Newport Grand and expand it at a new site on 45 undeveloped acres in northern Tiverton, a dice throw from the Massachusetts border. With Newport remaining unwilling to add table games, a so-called convenience casino in Tiverton may be the most pragmatic option for protecting Rhode Island’s third-largest source of state revenue.

The local perspective comes via a “dispatch” from me, which Ian juxtaposes with John Loughlin’s comments.

I’d only add this, after another day of conversations: The casino proposal appears to be much less controversial, locally, than the Tiverton Glen “multi-use development” proposed a few miles south on the highway.

  • ShannonEntropy

    Also from that TGIF article=►

    How will Tiverton residents react to the proposal for a convenience casino in the northern section of the town? That’s one of the big questions facing the proposal, since it requires local support to move ahead. “Voter approval? Good luck with that,” former state Representative John Loughlin, a Tiverton resident, commented on FB.

    Justin ,

    My prediction is that the residents of Tiverton will take up torches & pitchforks to storm the castle of the casino proponents

    You guys will NEVER get a casino there — no matter how beneficial it would be to your town’s finances

    • Justin Katz

      I’m not so sure. There are some visible people who are in the bipartisan Party of No, but more than usual, I think there are people around town whose message will be “let’s at least think about this one,” which will at least give a good deal a fair shot.

      • ShannonEntropy

        My pessimism on this is coming from some who is wildly PRO-Casino (( If I told you how many hours Mrs S_E & I have spent in casinos in the past year, you would accuse me of lying ))

        I just believe that the NIMBY’s and the NOPE’s
        (( ‘Not On Planet Earth’ )) of your prosperous little town will prevail … just like how the liberal citizens of Hyannis shot down a plan to put wind turbines where THEY could see them

        • Tommy Cranston

          I think you are confusing Tiverton with Little Compton as a rich town.
          Tiverton needs to hold out for an IMMEDIATE end of the car tax when the casino opens. No phaseouts, no way, no how.