What the Radical Party Thinks of Its Country


You may have heard that Connecticut Democrats have disowned Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.  Here’s Dennis Prager, writing on National Review Online:

Every year for the past 67 years, the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner has been the major fundraising event for the Connecticut State Democratic party. Not anymore. The party unanimously voted to drop the two Democratic presidents’ names because they were slaveholders.

That is the way the Left sees American history.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, the document that articulated the principle of human rights endowed by the Creator (thereby ultimately ensuring the end of slavery) and led to the establishment of the country that has served as the beacon of hope for people of every race and ethnicity. More black Africans have voluntarily emigrated to the United States to seek liberty and opportunity than came to America as slaves.

But that is not how the Left views Jefferson or America.

As the Far Left has completed its takeover of the Democrat Party, this sort of thing has become inevitable.  Prager goes on to describe why it wouldn’t be too much to suggest that the party has become the home for Americans who hate the United States, in the absence of radical transformation into something else.  Think of Michelle Obama’s admission that she had never, as an adult, been proud of her country until it put her husband in a position to undermine it.

To be sure, Republicans do a lot of dumb things, and I switched my voter registration to unaffiliated some years ago, but, wow, a party that has ample room for an organization that harvests the body parts of aborted babies can’t stand to be associated with Thomas Jefferson?

  • Mike678

    Hypocrites. Is it too much to hope that these clowns will write themselves out of history?

  • John

    No surprise here! They are the worst kind of hypocrites, yet they have imported enough voters to retain significant political power.

  • ShannonEntropy

    Two of my fave Quotes …

    The phrase “Liberal Hypocrite” is redundant

    … and

    If you are 20 yrs old and not a Liberal, you have no heart
    … If you are 30 yrs old and not a Conservative, you have no brain

    • Mike678

      Churchill was a wit. Google the second quote and see the number of pages by liberals asking others for a witty rebuttal to the quote. The irony…..

  • msteven

    The hypocrisy is staggering. And why this is done? To get voters. And scariest of all … it’s effective.