American Privilege and American Supremacy

Today, July 4th, our nation celebrates its independence, an independence that far too many do not appreciate.

In June, I attended a business conference in Idaho. On the jet ride out, from my window seat at 30,000 feet, I viewed the grandeur of America; the towering cities and great lakes I viewed from Providence to Chicago; the enormous great plains and farmlands of the midwest and of course the spectacular peaks of the seemingly endless ranges over the great mountain northwest.

As I absorbed the vastness and beauty of our country … its natural greatness … I also pondered its historical greatness. America has a proud heritage that every American should come to properly understand and defend, including its checkered periods and how we sought to overcome those adversities.

In short, I felt lucky to be a citizen of the world’s greatest country. It truly is a privilege to live in the United States. My concept of “American privilege” runs 180 degrees contrary to the left’s narrative of “white privilege”, which is nothing more than a Marxist attack on our American way of life.

American privilege is real and pervasive; and confers tangible benefits and unlimited opportunities upon our nation’s citizens. Why else do so many, from so many countries, seek the privilege to live in America? White privilege, on the other hand, is a myth; a contrived political construct purposefully designed by limousine socialists to create division.

Patriotic Americans appreciate the great privilege that is our birthright or that they have been granted; and most of us understand we have a role to play in keeping America great, as John F Kennedy asked of us over 50 years ago. With individual-based freedoms, a strong work ethic, a Judeo-Christian spirituality, and a charitable and social-welfare generosity among its people, America can ensure that even the most underprivileged and poor among us can benefit from a standard of living unparalleled throughout the world.

This great American privilege extends to the constitutional goal of equality of justice under the law, public educational opportunities, exceptional cultural arts from the melting-pot that comprises our people, cutting-edge healthcare, and long lifespans … for all of its people!

But today, communist activists, compliant educators, big tech and big business, along with pandering politicians – all fueled by a corrupt corporate media – want you to believe that we are a tarnished nation, perpetrating the false narrative that white privilege is America’s original sin and a growing cancer in our society; a disease that cannot be eradicated without a massive and total reconstruction of our democracy … under socialist-totalitarian rule: A dystopia, where rigging social-equity and equitable outcomes, rather than ensuring equality of opportunity and encouraging a merit-based culture, become the primary purpose of government.

What foolishness.Yet somehow, this “woke” philosophy, derived directly from the Marxist playbook, has overtaken so many of our academic, governmental, religious, corporate, and civic institutions … that it, itself, has become the actual and real cancer in our society … to the point where grassroots Americans must now rise up to save our country.

Brave Americans like Nicole Solas, the South Kingstown mom, who, after making numerous inquiries about the curriculum that was to be taught to her child, was threatened to be sued by the corrupt and compromised school committee, whose members have been brainwashed by this misguided social-equity agenda. Nicole became an instant local and national media sensation and is now the standard-bearer here in Rhode Island for parents who do not want their children to be indoctrinated with anti-American propaganda. Instead parents like Nicole want their children to understand the great privilege that it is to be an American.

White privilege advocates hate America, claiming that centuries of white supremacy have created an unforgivable and irreconcilable system of white oppression over oppressed minority populations. However, as Abraham Lincoln orated in his second inaugural address, it was his fervent belief, and now mine, that America’s complicity in the sin of slavery was fully paid for, by both the North and South, via the Civil War; that “every drop of blood drawn with the lash, shall be paid by another drawn with the sword” and that the “judgements of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.”

It is not for imperfect men and women, especially those with an immoral political agenda, to claim they are the ones to reap justice on a nation for such sins … for this is the realm of God … and the civil war was the punishment He inflicted upon us. The debt has been paid … the sin has been atoned for … it’s time to move on.

But the left cannot let go. Here’s an idea: Instead of perpetuating the Marxist and divisive concept of white supremacy, Americans should unite around the humble idea that “American supremacy” has been the greatest force for good in recorded history. Our great American supremacy has resulted in the creation of unprecedented wealth, respect across the globe and admiration as Reagan’s “shining city on the hill”, and the unrivaled security of being protected by the most potent armed forces ever devised; a military power that has regularly and historically adhered to King Arthur’s noble principle of being utilized as “might for right”.

To Barack Obama: “American exceptionalism” is a fact …. and we should be damn proud of it. No other nation was so conceived in liberty; no other nation became the model for democracy across the globe; no other nation has created such prosperity for its citizens; no other nation has so nobly fought to overcome its shortcomings; and no other nation has sacrificed so much for the freedom of others.

Now is the time to openly rebuke the left’s pretend Never Land of anti-American make believe and deal in the reality that despite our nation’s past transgressions, indeed, it is American supremacy that has so positively changed the world; and that it is American privilege that allows all of us, equally, the opportunity to pursue and realize the great American dream. God Bless America!

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