Teachers Union Official Steps Down From South Kingstown School Committee After Massive Public Outcry on Student Indoctrination

South Kingstown, RI— Union director Sarah Markey officially resigned from the South Kingstown School Committee on Monday after a national outcry against the unfair treatment of Nicole Solas. Solas is a mother concerned about the far-left indoctrination of students in public schools being orchestrated by CRT advocates. She exercised her right to access public information on the school curriculum, and in response the committee threatened to sue Solas.

During the National Education Association’s meeting conducted virtually last week, the teacher union voted to investigate anti-CRT organizations.

In 2020, the Rhode Island Ethics Commission determined that Markey, despite being an assistant executive director at NEARI, should not have to recuse herself on the many occasions when NEA of South Kingstown negotiates with the school committee.

When credited with Markey’s resignation Solas humbly responded, “Thank you, but I think it was more a perfect storm of the FERPA investigation, a history of bullying parents, and national coverage exposing corruption of school boards and teacher unions across the nation. It finally came to a head. But, it’s not over…”

The Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity was the first group in the state to call for the resignation of South Kingstown School Board members Emily Cummiskey and Markey.

The Center has a new petition calling for education officials to free students from politics.

The Center says that, “It’s time to #StandWithMomsRI and sign the petition – and send an email to education officials – to stop with the silly mask mandates and radical theory indoctrination in our public schools! join with parents rising up at: RIFreedom.org/StandWithMomsRI

This is the latest in a growing line of resignations by South Kingstown education officials following the failure to fulfill Solas’ APRA requests in a reasonable manner and hurling slanderous racial slurs at parents during a public meeting.

On Monday, disgraced South Kingstown Superintendent Linda Savastano resigned after confessing that she released private and confidential student information to a paid political agent of the AFL-CIO for use in a controversial mailer.

Cummiskey resigned from the committee in late June blaming parents of young school children as bullies.

In early June, former chair Cummiskey was forced to step down from her leadership role on the committee following the Center’s initial call for Cummiskey and Markey’s resignations and the revelation that union-paid talking points were the basis of their public smears against Solas.

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