Travis Rowley: On Black Patriotism

The Left rejects The 4th simply because The 4th rejects the Left, I once attempted to explain.

Regarding the Democrats’ abhorrent approach to Independence Day, let’s recognize the Left’s primary argumentative angle that allows them to promote such hostility toward our country — that is, by holding America to an impossible moral standard applied to no other nation on Earth or throughout world history.

Okay fine, Mr. Democrat. America is horrible. But I wonder, then, if you could tell me the name of a good country — one without any moral blemishes.

Among many other academic missteps and oversights, this simplistic view instructs US citizens to fixate on the conquest of Africans and Natives by those hailing from the European continent. No attention is to be paid to the dominant African tribes that began the nefarious process, capturing and selling other Africans to their fellow white slave-traders at African ports. No consideration is to be offered to the fact that the tribes discovered on the soil of the New World by the earliest European settlers were also the victors of centuries of plunder and conflict.

Instead, progressives would have everyone believe that Columbus discovered the Garden of Eden, occupied by only the purest of human hearts. And that European slavers ensnared their captives with fishing lines while crossing the Atlantic.

Utter nonsense.

And it’s purposeful nonsense. Democrats are being intentionally obtuse here because a more honest approach and wider understanding would plunge the aims of “social justice” down to an impossible depth — rather than something that can be easily rectified by resolving the issue of “whiteness.”

In stark contract to the progressive outlook, I leave you with the words of Brown Professor Glenn Loury, who takes the 30,000-foot view that helps him understand that:

“It shouldn’t have taken 100 years; they shouldn’t have been slaves in the first place. True enough. But slavery had been a commonplace human experience since antiquity. Emancipation—the freeing of slaves en masse, the movement for abolition—that was a new idea. A Western idea. The fruit of Enlightenment. An idea that was brought to fruition over a century and a half ago here, in the United States of America, liberating millions of people and creating the world we now inhabit. … This great and historic achievement surely would not have been possible without philosophical insights and moral commitments cultivated in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in the West—ideas about the essential dignity of human persons and about what makes a government’s exercise of power over its people legitimate. But something new was created here in America at the end of the eighteenth century. Slavery was a holocaust out of which emerged something that actually advanced the morality and the dignity of humankind—namely, emancipation. The abolition of slavery and the incorporation of Africa-descended people into the body politic of the United States of America was an unprecedented achievement.”

Damn right. Read Loury’s full piece, ‘The Case for Black Patriotism’ by clicking HERE.

That’s all for today.

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