Sam Adofo: Wake Up, GOP… Central Falls Parents Are Super Conservative

Latino turnout in the 2020 election – particularly in states like Florida and Texas – shocked many in the nation. However, as someone who grew up in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood, I was not surprised in the slightest.

Why is it that although Central Falls has voted and still votes overwhelmingly Democratic, I was not surprised more Latinos in the south are voting Republican? It comes down to one simple fact…

Republicans in the south are known in Latino areas!

Democratic politicians and activists in Rhode Island seem to have convinced the both the RI GOP establishment and the residents of Central Falls that they share no values. This is categorically false. I have seen the conservative values of the residents overshadowed by the bogeyman that is a Republican.

For example, many of the people of Central Falls are overwhelming Pro-Life. I will never forget the time in which a classmate of mine was pregnant in middle school (at the age of 13!) and still gave birth and cared for her child. In a deep blue city such as Central Falls, the child ostensibly should have been killed the moment the double line was shown. Her parents should have taken her straight to Planned Parenthood to dispose of the “problem.” Instead, it was decided – quite correctly and, in today’s age, admirably – that the child deserves a right to live.

Growing up, my mother would constantly say, “They take all this money out my paycheck and for what?”

My story is far from unique. Parents really dislike the pure amount of money being taken out of their taxes. Especially when they see little return for what they are paying.

The citizens of Central Falls would much rather see less money taken out of their taxes and better results from the money already being taken out. They like filled potholes, clean streets, and would like to take that money and invest it into their children’s education… What they do not like is a multi-million-dollar governor using their money for public relations.

The reason that conservatives are not receiving support in Central Falls is the same reason Florida communities see a significant uptick in turnout. They make themselves known to the community.

Currently, the only perception of Republicans Central Falls residents hold comes from Democratic activists.That needs to change as soon as possible. To change that perspective, we need to speak to and support them.

One conversation with a person can completely change the way they perceive you. Since Central Falls residents have not seen a Republican, they fall back on what the people they trust say – and we know what that entails.

Also, as conservatives, we believe looking to charity should be the first avenue of aid to those in need. We should live by that ideal and offer time and money to help the community of Central Falls. It is our responsibility to take care of our fellow Rhode Islanders and by doing so we start to remove that perception of being evil and uncaring.

While I am focusing on Central Falls, this is also true for Providence, Pawtucket, and Woonsocket. Neglecting these “bastions of leftist cities” is the WRONG political move.

The RI GOP needs to hear this message. It is crucial if they hope to have any chance of winning back Rhode Island.

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