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DAILY SIGNAL: The Crowdfunded Christian Film That Outpunched ‘Creed III’ at Box Office

On Palm Sunday weekend, heading into Holy Week, a Christian film about Abraham’s sacrificing Isaac in Genesis 22 outpunched “Creed III” and “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” at the box office, coming in a respectable third behind “Dungeons & Dragons” and “John Wick: Chapter 4.” “His Only Son” raked in $5.5 million in its opening […]

DAILY SIGNAL: To Bring New Meaning to Easter, Consider Learning This Hebrew Word

The beauty of Easter is captured in part in the Hebrew “Dayenu,” meaning “It would have been enough.” On Sunday evening, I sat around a long, rectangular table with about 20 other Christians. We spanned more than 50 years in age from the youngest to the oldest, but we were all gathered to celebrate a […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Rabbi Explains History, Power of Passover

Passover begins with a Seder meal to “remember what our ancestors went through,” Rabbi Pinchas Taylor says. “You do physical actions and experience physical tastes and motions and whatnot to … not only tell over the story, but reexperience the story as it took place,” says Taylor, author of the books “Pillars of Faith” and […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Finland’s Joining NATO Is ‘Embarrassment’ to Russia, National Security Expert Says

Finland is joining NATO, and Victoria Coates says Russia is less than pleased. Leaders in Moscow are “thoroughly outraged about this and claiming it causes some kind of intolerable threat to Russian security,” says Coates, a senior research fellow in international affairs and national security at The Heritage Foundation. (The Daily Signal is the news […]

Dr. Chougule’s Health Tips (Number 1)

Current StaffSupport local and honest journalism by becoming a charter member of the Ocean State Current. As our liberties are under constant attack – and the dishonest corporate media fails to hold public officials accountable – The Ocean State Current has become the choice of parents and citizens who value honest and fearless reporting. Why? […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Energy Expert Stresses Need for More Pipelines After Train Derailment

An energy expert says the Feb. 3 train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, underscores the need for more pipelines to transport potentially hazardous substances. “This recent rail accident in East Palestine in Ohio has shown us that we need more pipelines to carry these potential dangerous chemicals, rather than using road and rail,” says Diana […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Biden Earns an ‘F’ on Energy Policies, Lawmaker Says as House OKs GOP Bill to Lower Costs

When it comes to President Joe Biden’s energy policies, he has earned “an F,” says Rep. Matt Rosendale, R-Mont. Rosendale is one of 221 Republicans who voted Thursday in support of a bill, HR 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act.The vote was 225-204 with four Democrats joining the Republican majority and one GOP member voting […]

Dr. Andrew Bostom & Mike Stenhouse discuss WOKE statement gone WRONG

Woke forces in the General Assembly have recently released a questionable statement on bills being heard by the education committee. Their statement has been met with concern and closer scrutiny. The bills that the far-left forces oppose, at their core, recognize fundamental American principles such as avoiding discrimination, respecting religious diversity, and the civil rights of parents.

DAILY SIGNAL: Asian Studies Expert Suggests Ways to Diminish China’s Threat to Taiwan

A leading Asian studies expert is weighing in on how the U.S. can diminish the threat China poses to Taiwan, even as tensions between the two countries remain high. “I think the first thing we need to do is clear a backlog of arms sales to Taiwan. We sell Taiwan advanced military hardware, and a […]

Chariho Taxpayer Group Calls Foul on Union Backed Group Ahead of Key School Budget Vote

On Tuesday, April 4, Chariho residents will vote whether or not to approve a proposed $64.5 million budget for that regional school district, in a special referendum. As is often the case, the school budget vote pits union and school system backed groups who want to spend more … against taxpayer groups who seek to […]

RI Center Signs-on to National Letter to Congress to Repeal Biden’s Assault on Personal Retirement Funds

The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity and its CEO, Mike Stenhouse, urging US Congressional leaders to continue their efforts to repeal the woke Biden-Harris ESG rule on individuals’ 401k and other retirement accounts. The letter to House leadership applauds their efforts to repeal the Biden administration’s ESG rule and calling for Congress to continue […]

Ready, SET, DEBATE! Sten and Dr. Andy Bernstein, Objectivist Discuss Abortion

Why do conservatives continually lose the public debate on the issue of abortion when it’s really the progressive left which holds the non-mainstream and extreme views on the issue? Watch the #InTheDugout clip now!

DAILY SIGNAL: What You Need to Know About Israeli Protests

With hundreds of thousands of Israelis taking to the streets in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem over reforms to the judicial system proposed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, what are Americans to make of it? “Well, basically, what Netanyahu is proposing is to make the appointments of the judges less political and their powers less sweeping. […]

RI Republicans Elect Three New Party Leaders

New Leadership Promises to Broaden the Party and Support Candidates Who Can Win WARWICK – The RI GOP elected three new leaders Saturday to re-build the state Republican party and to ensure a slate of qualified candidates for future elections. Joe Powers, who was unsuccessful last year in a bid for a Cranston state Senate […]

DAILY SIGNAL: New Children’s Book ‘She Is She’ Combats Attempt to Deny ‘Females Their Womanhood’

In a day and age when libraries are holding drag queen story hours and pro-transgender children’s books like “I Am Jazz” are being pushed on kids, pro-family content is needed more than ever. “‘She is she’ apparently is a controversial thing to say,” says Ryan Bomberger, author of the new book “She Is She.” Bomberger […]

Are RI Elections Officials Part of a National Scheme to Unfairly Tip the Scales Towards Democrats?

RI is a member state in ERIC. Is it part of a partisan voter tracking scheme? Many states are fleeing after startling revelations. Emails from Rhode Island Elections Director show private voter data is being shared with partisan third-party groups.  It appears that Rhode Island may be part of a national scheme to identify, register, […]

DAILY SIGNAL: ‘If You’re Not Getting Attacked … You’re Doing Something Wrong,’ Libs of TikTok Creator Says

Chaya Raichik, the creator of the Libs of TikTok site, says she has “had to file a few police reports from threats” that she received. “That’s really part of the reason why I was anonymous to begin with, because as I started exposing all this stuff, the Left started coming after me, and their reaction […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Lawsuit Challenges Wyoming’s First-in-Nation Ban on Abortion Pill

The most utilized abortion procedure in America is now the abortion pill, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a pro-choice research organization spun off from Planned Parenthood. More than half of all abortions in America are carried out using the abortion pill, but Wyoming just became the first state to ban the pill entirely. Wyoming Gov. […]

DAILY SIGNAL: US Patent System Needs to Be Fixed, Inventor Rights Activist Says

An American inventor is speaking out about a law he says has significantly affected the country’s ability “to lead the world in innovation and stay ahead of our adversaries.” “We’re a 501(c)(4) [tax-exempt organization], and our mission is to restore to America something that has been actually just totally destroyed by Big Tech,” Randy Landreneau, […]

DAILY SIGNAL: TikTok’s ‘National Security Threat Is So Grave,’ Tech Policy Expert Says

A leading technology policy expert is calling for “a wholesale ban on TikTok” a day before the Chinese-owned social media app’s chief executive officer will testify before Congress. TikTok faces bipartisan scrutiny at both the state and federal level. More than 30 states, led by both Democrat and Republican governors, have taken action to ban […]

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