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Public Employee Pay and Benefits Draw Historical Comparison with Corruption in Roman Empire

With public sector salaries and benefits continuing to expand at the expense of Rhode Island’s beleaguered taxpayers and business owners, some policy analysts see a historical parallel with the waning days of the Roman Empire. State and local government workers receive a 26.5 percent premium above their private sector counterparts, according to a new study.

Wind Power Supporters Challenge Allegations in Complaint to Attorney General

Contrary to what was alleged in a complaint filed with Attorney General Peter Kilmartin, the East Bay Energy Consortium (EBEC) has pursued a proposed wind power project in a fiscally responsible, open, and transparent manner, according to some of the government figures named in the complaint.

Wind Power Proponents Advance “Unlawful” Scheme at Taxpayer Expense, AG Complaint Says

RI taxpayers could be on the hook for a costly, unworkable wind power project that lacks and discernible environmental benefits if the East Bay Energy Consortium and its partners in government are permitted to overstep legal boundaries, a complaint with the attorney general claims.

Courts Embrace Rhode Island’s Incremental Approach to Voter Identification Laws

If lawmakers in other states had modeled their efforts after those of Rhode Island’s, their laws may have been less susceptible to legal challenges from the ACLU and the NAACP. Sen. Harold Metts, the Providence Democrat who sponsored this state’s voter ID law, points out that voter fraud also leads to disenfranchisement.

Johnston Republican Mayoral Candidate Explains Arrest Record, Presents Blackmail Evidence

Johnston mayoral candidate Peter Filippi presents the Ocean State Current with copies of the mailings that have been send to his home. Filippi is convinced that is opponent, Joseph Polisena, the incumbent Democratic mayor, is at least partly responsible. Polisena denies the allegations.

Rhode Island’s Pursuit of “Dependency Portal” Vindicates Gov. Christie’s Veto of Exchange, N.J. Delegation Says

By resisting the health care exchange system included as part of the new federal health care law, Republican Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey has put himself in a stronger position to safeguard taxpayer interests, according to key figures in the state’s delegation to the National Convention in Tampa, FL.

Forbes Columnist Credits Candidate Riley for “Pro-Growth” Message, Calls Nixon “The Worst President” of His Lifetime

Forbes columnist Louis Woodhill praises GOP congressional candidate Michael Riley for emphasizing “pro-growth” policies during event in East Greenwich. Woodhill also compares current economic conditions with the Great Depression of the 1930s and identifies Nixon as the “worst president” of modern times.

The Real Motivation of ObamaCare

In almost presidential election cycle, partisans on both sides claim that the public is about to vote “in the most important election of their lifetime.” This time around, it may actually be true. Our own Justin Katz has pieced together some documentation from the Urban Institute and The Center for Law and Social Policy that demonstrate how Rhode […]

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