Get The Inside Scoop On Rhode Island #InTheDugout – March 16, 2023

Get the scoop! Coal-powered electrification agenda separating fantasy from reality. Plus, the Boomer Zoomers join us, no Social Security income tax?

Christmas Special 🎅🏻🎄 #InTheDugout – December 22, 2022

STEN’s Christmas message to counter the “evil” in our society

#BoomerZoomers from the Charlestown Senior Center

Election DENIAL or election INTEGRITY?
Sten’s guest reports on election CHALLENGE lawsuits in AZ & OR

BOOMER-ZOOMERS + Sheldon Whithouse’s New Act of Tyranny: #InTheDugout – December 1, 2022

How SENATOR WHITEHOUSE & RESPECT for MARRIAGE ACT will DISRESPECT & infringe on religious & constitutional rights

Tyler Rowley joins Sten + Bishop Tobin’s Legacy

SENIORS: Debut of #BoomerZoomers from Charlestown Senior Center

Despicable texts? Gaspee Project??? Get in the dugout to find out! #InTheDugout – November 3, 2022

South Kingstown SENIOR CITIZENS panel on Kalus’ “despicable” texts & other issues of concern
BIDEN gets it so wrong again in last night’s national address
What pot is the Gaspee Project stirring this election? Chair CLAY JOHNSON joins Sten.

Volunteer CANCELED & FIRED in South Kingstown as Town Censors Its Own Senior Center

In essence, I was being censored and told what I can and cannot say.  Furthermore, if I raise a subject I must also deliver an opposing viewpoint which I refused stating the opinions of the assembly may have an opposing opinion which is exactly the purpose of the CE meetings. I contend my opinion is my own however mandating I take an opposing view forces me to betray myself which I will not do to satisfy their new mandate.

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