January 2018 Employment: Mostly Stagnant… Still

Employment and labor force may have edged up in Rhode Island, in January, but the picture is mainly one of stagnation, even as most of the rest of the country has advanced.

A Unique Revision and Slowed Growth

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ annual revision was different, this year, in that employment was actually revised up, but that doesn’t change the slowed rate of growth under Governor Raimondo.

December 2017 Employment: Not a Great Place Pre-Revision

With the Bureau of Labor Statistics poised to revise employment numbers, Rhode Island didn’t end the year in a strong place, especially if the revision is downward, as they always seem to be.

November 2017 Employment: Finishing the Year on Hold

To the extent that there are silver linings to Rhode Island’s employment report for November, they mainly have to do with other states’ slide.

October 2017 Employment: Thankful That It Isn’t Even Worse?

There isn’t a whole lot in the October employment results for Rhode Island to brighten the holiday weekend.

September 2017 Employment: Easy Come, Easy Go

With disappointing employment and jobs numbers for September, RI has no longer fully recovered from the recession and may see a large employment revision again in January.

August 2017 Employment: Employment Bubble Deflates & a Loss of JOI

Rhode Island’s employment numbers have done their annual downturn as the state falls the 49th on the Jobs & Opportunity Index (JOI) after five years at 48th.

The Cost of Our Legislators

The General Assembly is irresponsible to debate and even pass legislation with no concrete sense of how much it will cost or why people don’t do as the legislators want independently.

Governor’s Priorities? DCYF Hires Down; Administration Hires Up

The Rhode Island House Oversight Committee is holding a hearing right about now on DCYF and the deaths of children that had been on their radar. The Ocean State Current took a look at staffing trends at DCYF compared to those at the Department of Administration during the last three years.

June 2017 Employment: If Everything’s Improving, Why Is Income Down?

Rhode Island’s employment picture is looking better, but improvements are either possible statistical aberrations, the consequence of slow growth (rather than recent policies), or undone by other economic factors.

Minimum Wage: By the Way, Rhode Island Legislators

In Seattle, a minimum wage increase like RI is considering essentially lost a bunch of people their jobs and redistributed the money to their coworkers, and a bigger increase actually decreased overall pay.

April 2017 Employment: Pretty Much the Status Quo

The employment picture for Rhode Island remains pretty much what it has long been: some unlikely survey results in employment and a slowing growth trend in jobs based in the state.

March 2017 Employment: Ups and Downs, Welfare and Work

March saw a pretty typical trend in employment data, for Rhode Island, which isn’t really a good thing.

February 2017 Employment: The Annual False Boom Begins?

Positive employment and jobs numbers, for February, are in keeping with the annual phenomenon of mysterious booms that are revised away the following year.

For Sales Tax Reduction and Better Government in General

Elected officials in Rhode Island move forward without considering the possible effects, perhaps doing more harm than good as they take more and more of Rhode Islanders’ income away.

January 2017 Employment: Job Slowdown, New Pre-Revision Blip

The governor’s spin (as reprinted in the New York Times) notwithstanding, Rhode Island’s employment picture is bleak.

Digging in on Graduation Data

The data for dropouts and graduation from Rhode Island public schools adds to the impression that government education is increasingly about keeping enrollment up as long as possible.

Employment Revision Sets RI Back (As Usual)

Along with most of the country, Rhode Island saw its employment condition slip with this year’s annual employment revision.

December 2016 Employment: Erasing 2016

Rhode Island’s abysmal employment and jobs numbers for 2016 erased most of the improvement of the year and returned the story to one of relative stagnation since the middle of 2015.

Nightingale’s Song Exposes Environmentalist Fraud

A University of Rhode Island physics professor’s attempt to use environmentalism in Woonsocket to attack capitalism instead raises questions about his credibility and that of Marxist environmentalism worldwide.

November 2016 Employment: Rhode Islanders Giving Up Again?

A shrinking labor force in conjunction with general stagnation brings Rhode Island toward the new year in a continuing funk and hope only that the national economy will lift the floor for economic suffering.

Postscript on the Potentially Deadly Effects of Pot Legalization

Colorado’s contrast with Washington, which also legalized recreational marijuana in 2012, gives further indication that Rhode Island should not rush into drug legalization just yet.

Lawmakers Like Calkin Too Breezy About Potentially Deadly Effects of Pot Legalization

Colorado’s experience with hard drugs since legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes raises enough concern that legislators and voters should wait for more data before making more policy changes.

October 2016 Employment: Treading Water

Rhode Island’s employment picture remains largely stagnant, although the slipping labor force may be a warning sign of changes to come.

September 2016 Employment: Cresting a Diminutive Peak?

In September, whatever boost Rhode Island was seeing in employment cooled and jobs evaporated; meanwhile, Rhode Islanders’ income fell in the second quarter, even as taxes increased.

August 2016 Employment: Getting in the Increases Before the Revision

As usual this time of year, the story of Rhode Island’s employment picture depends greatly on whether one expects a large downward revision. For the moment, the employment picture looks brighter than it’s been, although not by much.

July 2016 Employment: Two-Month Spurt Only Seems Unusual

For the first time in a while, Rhode Island’s employment picture looks to be on the upswing, although similar results in prior years have tended to be revised away.

June 2016 Employment: Not Sinking Isn’t Really Great News

When it comes to Rhode Island employment, we’ve reached the point that not losing ground is the good news.

May 2016 Employment: Stagnation Becoming Undeniable

With Rhode Island’s employment on the downside of stagnation, jobs disappearing, and other states’ pulling away, it’s only a matter of time until it’s absolutely impossible for politicians to find positive spin.

April 2016 Employment: The Rut of April Mud

Whatever politicians may say, Rhode Island’s employment situation is stuck, which means losing ground against its Southern New England neighbors and the country as a whole.

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