Contrary to Left-Leaning Analysis, Tax Rates Do Correlate with a Healthy Economy

A study being touted by left-leaning think tanks defines economic health dubiously by leaving out population and workforce growth.

Woonsocket Teachers Receive $4.7 Million in Raises and Bonuses in Current Contract

Far from receiving “no raises,” the increases in pay of the teaching staff in Woonsocket amount to $4.7 million over the period covered by their current contract.

Doggedly on the Leftist Message

Justin finds in an RI Future post by Bob Plain evidence of the rhetorical method of barricading the door to discourse.

RI on a Spree of Losing Jobs and Giving Up

Unemployment only “ticked” up, this month, but the overall labor force dropped more from December to February than it has since the dot-com bust. Public officials looking for a turnaround should consider the power of their message.

Council Ratification Foes Layer on Technical Objections

Technical objections raised to legislation that would give town/city councils authority to ratify employment contracts appear to have been overstated or incorrect.

Meals Tax Tea Party Video

Video of the speeches from the meals tax tea party protest.

03/21/12 – Meals Tax Tea Party

Photos from the rally against Governor Chafee’s proposed tax increase on meals and beverages.

Death by 1,000 Government Bills

A letter by Providence business owner John Palmieri might provide a good indicator of the problems that Rhode Island fundamentally needs to address.

A Free-Market Catholic’s Conversation with the Bishop, Part 1 of 3

The Current interviews Roman Catholic Bishop of Providence Thomas Tobin, part 1 of 3: welfare and charity; “a global authority”; solidarity and subsidiarity; giving authority over to the state.

Winners, Losers, and Losing More

The 2010 tax reform had winners and losers in every income range. Increasing taxes this year, even if only on wealthier residents, would arguably represent two straight years of tax increases.

Iannazzi (and Taxes) Did It

Every bit of legislation raising taxes, every apparently corrupt action, contributes to the culture and sense of hopelessness that is driving people away from Rhode Island. Justin argues that that’s the first thing that has to change.

Differing Interpretations of Tax Effects Play into Local Decision

Experts disagree about whether the seven legislative proposals to increase personal income taxes on “the rich” will have an adverse effect on Rhode Island’s economy, but the complexity of such changes requires a more local debate.

The Bureaucratic Office Has the Last Light to Go Out

Justin cites James Lileks’ illustration of the absurdity of bureaucratic spending in a down economy.

Hal Meyer: Revisiting My Former Home from the Outside

Hal Meyer reflects on his move from Rhode Island to Idaho.

Video of 2012 RISC Winter Meeting

Video of RISC’s 2012 Winter Meeting, featuring Central Falls Receiver Robert Flanders, Cranston Mayor Allan Fung, Woonsocket Mayor Loe Fontaine, Providence advisor Gary Sasse, and Rep. Larry Ehrhardt.

Taxing the Rich Raises Taxes on All

Efforts to increase the top tax rate shouldn’t be viewed in terms of the current tax system, but the system before the tax reform that is just kicking in. In that case, it represents a massive increase on more than just “the rich.”

Measuring the Inflation of Government

Local political analyst Tom Sgouros asserts that government ought to be measured against income, rather than in line with other expenses, but it isn’t as reasonable a premise as it may at first seem.

School Budgets to Town/City Councils: Derailing Reform Still Suggests a Forward Motion

A labor-friendly senator proposing reform-minded legislation indicates the need for the careful consideration of unintended consequences as Rhode Island shifts the way it does business.

Jennifer Hushion: Why RI Is Driving Us Out

Jennifer Hushion explains why her family is considering moving out of Cranston and Rhode Island

The End of an Era (But Not Fast Enough)

As impossible as it may be to deny the necessary changes in public policy related to the economy and government spending, the will to reform is not strong enough for due speed.

Tax Foundation Runs Some Test Firms Through the RI Ringer

A new Tax Foundation study exposes some of the flaws in RI’s economic development practices.

Sen. Whitehouse on the Left-Right Scale and Chafee on the Left

National Journal ranking of liberal and conservative legislators points to politics and posturing.

Revenue Above Estimates Not a Sure Sign of Economic Health

The total tax revenue that the State of Rhode Island has received for the fiscal year continued to beat estimates in January, by $57 million (3.6%), but it would be premature to infer either strong economic growth or the disappearance of the deficit expected for fiscal 2013.

How Does RI Taxpayer Money Disappear?

Other New England states fare almost as poorly as Rhode Island when it comes to taxation, but residents seem more often to get some value for their money.

The Question Isn’t Whether, but How Bad RI’s Business Climate Is

With one exception, studies of national business friendliness put Rhode Island in the bottom 10 (most frequently in the bottom three).

British Tax Rates Up, Tax Revenue Down

Early results an increase of the top British income tax rate raise questions about the strategy. A tax increase shouldn’t result in level tax revenue, let alone decreased tax revenue

Taxes Up, Inequality Up, Too

If the system that brought us to our current state of inequality is the “fool me once,” increasing taxes across the board would be “fool me squared.”

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