STEN on Rhode Island and world POLITICAL SUPREMACISTS! #InTheDugout

In The Dugout With Mike Stenhouse is a live video podcast that discusses the latest news in politics. Our show is hosted by Mike Stenhouse, who is the CEO of the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity. On our show, we talk about current events and how they are affecting Rhode Island.

Ukraine in Crisis & Who Is In Charge? Government Or Parents?#InTheDugout

Are you interested in what’s going on with our country? Do you want to know the truth about what is happening in our world? We are talking about it today. Join us live at 4pm EST for a discussion of national and international issues. You won’t want to miss it! This is your chance to […]


Today on the show, we have two very important guests. Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, will be discussing Rhode Island’s new “TAX-THE-RICH” bill. And, Judge Robert Flanders will be giving his take on the Westerly Porno Law Violation Complaint filed last week.

Join the discussion with Ron St. Pierre and Jen Brien #InTheDugout

Did you know that the popular radio personality, Ron St. Pierre, is now the Executive Producer for The Current? Tune in to our live podcast today for interesting news and views on the Ocean State with Ron St. Pierre and Jen Brien. You don’t want to miss it! Be sure to watch the live podcast […]

Dr. Andrew Bostom’s Advice to Parents Seeking Mask Choice

Tune in to our live podcast today for interesting news and views on the Ocean State! Our panel of parents will be discussing how they’re winning, plus we’ll reveal the winner of our logo contest. Be sure to stick around until the end for some great advice from Dr. Andrew Bostom. Watch the live podcast […]


Parents of UNMASK OUR CHILDREN RI recently won a big victory in Portsmouth and we’ll be talking to them about their experience. Plus, school district mask-mandates are being hotly debated all over the country and Rich Southwell will be giving us his take on dubious votes by Rep Charlene Lima. This is a show you don’t want to miss!


STEN JUST GOT CANCELLED! His comments coming up at 4:00pm. What do Sten, Doc Skoly, Enes Kanter Freedom et al have in common? Plus, details on our #InTheDugout LOGO CONTEST And, Steve Laffey joins-in to discuss national & international issues. HELP CREATE “In The Dugout’s” NEW BRAND! Our In The Dugout video podcast will soon sport a new […]

Don’t let the government tell you what to do #InTheDugout

On today’s live web-show, STEN IS ON FIRE! We will expose DAN YORKE, TIM DUFFY, Canada PM Trudeau, and government tyrants who suffer Covid-Derangement-Syndrome – as irrational elitists who think only THEY know best. Plus, Dr. Andrew Bostom on the latest CV-19 research.

Parents vs Government on #InTheDugout

If so, are you concerned about the future of your children in America? We’re talking about parental rights with bill sponsor Rep. Patricia Morgan and parent David Stall. Can you believe the incredible lack of leadership displayed today at Governor’s Covid press conference? Also, BLM Flag controversy again at East Bay Vets Memorial.

Nationally Renowned Economist Stephen Moore Joins Sten & Laffey

Nationally Renowned Economist Stephen Moore Joins Sten & Laffey today LIVE at 4:00pm on #InTheDugout. TOPICS: GOVZILLA book Walmart fo Doc Skoly? Major legal victory for RI House GOP National GOP warms to climate change? China Olympics humor Bill Maher – again Current StaffSupport local and honest journalism by becoming a charter member of the […]


Judge Robert Flanders is joining us to provide insights on the Doc Skoly lawsuit v Gov McKee and the RI Department of Health. This is a must-watch for anyone interested in Rhode Island politics.

BREAKING NEWS: Doc Skoly to Announce Federal Lawsuit

Per the complaint filed today by Dr. Stephen Skoly against Governor Dan McKee and interim RI DOH Director James McDonald, the State’s compliance order and actions barring Dr. Stephen Skoly from the right to care for his patients and earn a living – by denying his legitimate request for a medical exemption from the Covid-19 health care worker vaccine mandate – are unconstitutional, irrational, and arbitrary.

Three hero parent guests on #InTheDugout

Three parents will be on today’s show who have been fighting back against the government. They’ve won battles and now they’re here to share their stories with us!

Mike Stenhouse and Steve Laffey talk about the public response to STOP THE TYRANNY!

On today’s web show, Mike Stenhouse and co-host Steve Laffey will be talking about the massive public response to STOP THE TYRANNY! After our coalition email appeal, over 400 signed up to testify, over 150 submitted written testimony; save for government agencies, virtually ALL against extended executive powers.

This overwhelming opposition to extended emergency powers is the first time lawmakers are understanding how negligent they have been in NOT representing the clear views of their constituents.


In The Dugout is the most comprehensive, informative and entertaining news source that covers Rhode Island news. Mike Stenhouse brings his expertise on state government and public policy issues to Ocean State Current’s live-streaming show every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 4 p.m. It’s not just about what happened today in the General Assembly or who said what during a committee hearing – it’s about how those events affect your life as an Ocean Stater now and into the future. You don’t want to miss this!

Parent panel on Fake-News reporting of parent poll; Dr Bostom on Dr McDonald’s big lie

Tune in to #InTheDugout with Mike Stenhouse today on the Ocean State Current for the latest news and views from a common sense perspective! Doc Skoly is planning to file a federal lawsuit to restore his right to care for patients? Find out more on our show today. DR. ANDREW BOSTOM is on our show today to talk about the most recent pandemic research data revelations. Get informed on this important issue!

Hot topics and views from a common sense Rhode Islander

Are you interested in politics and current events? Tune into #InTheDugout with Mike Stenhouse today at 4:00PM on twitch. We’ll be talking about the latest news and views from a common sense perspective that you need. You won’t want to miss it! Come join us for this live show, where we expose more RI DOH […]

EVEN more RI DOH LIES & STONEWALLING revealed in new ‘hearing’ documents

#InTheDugout with Mike Stenhouse is a web show that provides you with the information you need from a common sense perspective. Our hosts today, Sten and Steve Laffey, offer insightful commentary and discussion on local, national, and international issues. You won’t want to miss this show!

Get the common sense perspective you need on #InTheDugout

#InTheDugout with Mike Stenhouse is LIVE today at 4:00 PM on twitch streaming through the Ocean State Current. Get the latest news and views from a common sense perspective. Ron & Jen join us!

Get The Latest News And Views From A Common Sense Perspective #InTheDugout

Tune in today at 4:00 PM to hear from Rich Southwell, the Lead Plaintiff in the Parents United Lawsuit, about how the state had a major setback in court. Dr. Andrew Bostom will also be joining us to give us the latests updates on the Covid numbers in Rhode Island.

Bob Lancia, our guest on #InTheDugout

Get the latest news and views from a conservative perspective with former RI Representative ANTHONY GIARRUSSO, Larry The Liberty Guy, Bob Lancia, and more with your host Mike Stenhouse. Tune in today!

Analysis: RI political landscape changes with US House Rep Jim Langevin Announcement #InTheDugout

Do you want to stay up-to-date on the latest Rhode Island political news? Our web show, #InTheDugout with Mike Stenhouse and co-host Steve Laffey, provides in-depth analysis of the latest RI political news. You won’t find this level of detail anywhere else. Our show today is hosted by two of Rhode Island’s most well-respected conservative […]


You won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear our guest Ray Rickman speak on MLK day and whether or not his dream still holds true today. Plus, we have attorney Joe Larisa & Judge Flanders discussing religious exemption lawsuits and SCOTUS. As well as Rep. Brian Newberry talking redistricting/gerrymandering in RI. Don’t miss it!

Doctor Scott is OUT.

On our #InTheDugout web show today, Sten will explain why Dr .Scott had to be fired by Gov. Mckee. And, he will systematically DESTROY the failed agenda that she advised and implemented at RIDOH. Plus, Dr. Andrew Bostom weighs in. He will discuss the latest findings that support all that we’ve been telling you for the past 18 months. We are LIVE at 4:00pm, click here to watch.

New revelations in the North Kingstown #InTheDugout

New revelations in the North Kingstown “naked body fat test” scandal with our guest, mom Megan Reilly on US Attorney & MAJOR COVER-UP? Plus, guests: Fired Smithfield firefighter denied valid medical exemption Crypto expert – what’s new Current StaffSupport local and honest journalism by becoming a charter member of the Ocean State Current. As our […]

Join STEN & co-host Steve Laffey on #InTheDugout

Tune in to the Ocean State Current at 4:00PM today for the latest and greatest in national and local stories with your co-hosts Sten & Steve Laffey. We will be discussing big topics today including SUPREME Ignorance, National & Local Stories: more inflation news, BBBB = Biden’s Build Back Broke and Sten will tell a […]

Your Dose Of Common Sense In The Age Of Covid Insanity

Tune in to the Ocean State Current at 4:00PM today for a discussion on personal rights and freedoms. We will be discussing the school mask mandate case with Rich Southwell, Doc Skoly’s banishment hearing by RI Department of Health, and Katie Aubin on the religious exemption case for Healthcare Workers. You won’t want to miss […]

Real Insurrection? January 6th vs RI’s Dorr Rebellion on #InTheDugout

We’re going to be talking about the Left’s “land of make believe” and January 6th, RI’s Dorr Rebellion and what a real insurrection looks like. Plus, we have with us today Dr. Andy Bostom on all things Covid. This is sure to be an exciting episode you won’t want to miss out on!

Sten, De LaCruz, and Chariho Moms Discuss Religious Exemption Lawsuit, Healthcare Workers, New School Testing Policy

#InTheDugout is our web show that discusses what’s going on around the Ocean State. Today, Sten is joined by four guests…organizer of religious exemption lawsuit still pending in RI Superior Court, RI State Senator Jessica De LaCruz on the insane new policy to let INFECTED Healthcare Workers treat patients, and two Chariho moms concerned about new school testing policy. We are excited to bring you our latest episode!

Sten and Steve Laffey are back to talk about today’s biggest news stories!

Do you want to hear about the latest news in Rhode Island and around the country? Then tune into #InTheDugout today at 4:00PM! We’ll be discussing civil disobedience in RI, reaction to Joe Biden’s Covid address, and more. This is going to be an exciting show that will leave you wanting more!

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