Time to stop the LEFT’s War on Children #InTheDugout – March 28, 2023

Time to stop the LEFT’s War on Children! Plus, FOOLISH NPR says transgender MEN don’t have physical advantage over women in sports

THE ONLY WAY TO WIN A CULTURE WAR with #InTheDugout – March 27, 2023

The Culture War heats up across the country Plus, a BIG #InTheDugout interview makes major news, find out how!

It’s time to RED PILL Rhode Islanders #InTheDugout – March 23, 2023

It’s time to RED PILL Rhode Islanders! Jessica Burton of BLEXIT RI on membership drive! Updates on RIDE Bill Committee.

Wuhan Wednesdays: Repeal RIDE’s Curricula Mandate Power! #InTheDugout – March 22, 2023

Doctor Andy Bostom joins Sten for Wuhan Wednesdays. Plus, the push to repeal the Rhode Island Department of Education’s curricula powers!

Settlement Near in Southwell v McKee School Mask Mandate LAWSUIT? #InTheDugout – March 21, 2023

PARENT ALERT – Settlement near in Southwell v McKee school mask mandate LAWSUIT? Plus, RIDE repeal bill gains steam as public weighs in

WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING TO OUR KIDS? #InTheDugout – March 20, 2023

What the hell are we doing to our kids? (part 6) Plus, Wednesday hearing for H5498 to DEFROCK RI Department of Education; how to submit testimony

Get The Inside Scoop On Rhode Island #InTheDugout – March 16, 2023

Get the scoop! Coal-powered electrification agenda separating fantasy from reality. Plus, the Boomer Zoomers join us, no Social Security income tax?

Dr. Bostom And WUHAN WEDNESDAYS #InTheDugout – March 15, 2023

WUHAN WEDNESDAY WITH DR. ANDY BOSTOM… Today on our show, Eyewitness report on Southwell v McKee hearing, the truth about the CDC, NIH, FDA and more

RHODE ISLAND’S REAL GREEN DEAL #InTheDugout – March 14, 2023

Sen. Jessica De La Cruz on her legislation challenging the far-left green insanity. Plus, Steve Laffey on his presidential run!

Why Woke Won’t Work! #InTheDugout – March 13, 2023

State of R.I. REJECTS Settlement Offer Put Forward by Judge in Southwell v. McKee School Mask Mandate Lawsuit, Understand the Silicon Valley and Signature Bank Crashes, Woke Climate change HYSTERIA only THREE months to live?

Dem submitted BORN-ALIVE PROTECTION Bill #InTheDugout – March 9, 2023

Today on #InTheDugout, the emotional story of why RI Dem lawmaker submitted BORN-ALIVE BABY PROTECTION bill, Judge ROBERT FLANDERS on RI’s unethical ETHICS COMMITTEE

WUHAN WEDNESDAY with Dr. Bostom: Lawsuits Updates #InTheDugout – March 8, 2023

WUHAN WEDNESDAY WITH DR. ANDY BOSTOM… Today on our show, COURT UPDATESn on mask mandate & parental rights vaccine lawsuits


Today on #InTheDugout Podcast, a Maine parental-rights advocate with a message to concerned Rhode Island parents.

Who will lead the RIGOP? #InTheDugout – March 6, 2023

Who will lead the RIGOP? GIO CICIONE AND JOE POWERS join Sten. Can the Party be saved? How will they battle fully-woke Democrats? Abortion?

Rhode Island! Hit a Home Run with #InTheDugout – March 2, 2023

TWO VICTORIES: Center co-Signs National Coalition Letter Earns Congressional Opposition to Biden’s WOKE 401(k) Rule, Bob Flanders and the People’s Primary & Elections for Rhode Island, Boomer Zoomers

Wuhan Wednesday with Doctor Andrew Bostom! #InTheDugout – March 1, 2023

Doctor Andy Bostom joins us on the fastest growing podcast in Rhode Island. A recent Gallup Poll finds nearly two-thirds of America don’t trust that the media reports the news … SURPRISE: CHINA VIRUS originated in CHINA – BACK TO THE CHINA LAB LEAK of Covid-19

Parents ARE Defending Education #InTheDugout – February 28, 2023

Rhode Island, the #InTheDugout podcast is the perfect show for you! Parents are defending education with the fastest growing podcast in the Ocean State.

Is The Woke Tide Turning in America? – #InTheDugout – February 27, 2023

Woke no more! University of North Carolina moves to ban ‘diversity, equity and inclusion’ statements TRANS TIDE TURNING? A prominent detransitioner sued a nationwide medical group for mutilation.

Doc Skoly Versus RIDOH Update! #InTheDugout – February 23, 2023

DOC SKOLY returns as guest! – lawsuit vs RIDOH update DOC SKOLY returns as guest! – lawsuit vs RIDOH update … Does U.S. need a COVID TRUTH COMMISSION?

RI Board of Education Shows Disdain for Parents #InTheDugout – February 22, 2023

Sten on the RI Board of Education showing disdain for parents and the dishonest adoption of RIDE’s controversial social studies standards last evening.


Leftist Indoctrination grows in RI. Social Studies Standards Meeting by Board of Education, and Aaron Guckian on U.S. Representative David N. Cicilline retirement and the Rhode Island Foundation

WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING TO OUR KIDS? #InTheDugout – February 20, 2023

What the hell are we doing to our kids? Sten’s PRESIDENT’S DAY “education” message … Is GENERATION-Z leading a world wide REVIVAL? UPDATE: candidate for RIGOP chair backs out!

RHODE ISLAND IS FAILING #InTheDugout – February 16, 2023

GARY SASSE joins Sten regarding TAXES & the failing Rhode Island economy. Plus, our #BoomerZoomers from the Charlestown Senior Center

ParentsUnitedRI make alarming discovery #InTheDugout – February 15, 2023

ParentsUnitedRI make alarming discovery! Is URI assisting the “weaponization of government” by funding new org to attack parents who speak out? Plus, major shake-up coming at RI GOP!

Round One WIN for Dad on #InTheDugout – February 14, 2023

Dad wins round one in PARENTAL RIGHTS RI Supreme Court case on Covid-19 VAX. Plus, FAIR ELECTIONS? How national left-wing PRIVATE $$$ are corrupting RI government election agencies


Local media tries to bury report on woke Rhode Island Department of Education, and Rep. David Place’s bill to push back on their agenda!

Presidential Candidate Cranston’s “Mayor Steve” Laffey on #InTheDugout – February 9, 2023

Steve Laffey joins us!

The LEFT EATS THEIR OWN again … and it’s delicious! #InTheDugout – February 8, 2023

The LEFT EATS THEIR OWN again … and it’s delicious! “Sten Reacts” to SARAH HUCKABEE-SANDERS’ GOP response. Sten on SOTU: Biden pulls a Cicilline – then pulls it back!

More DYSFUNCTION at North Kingstown schools #InTheDugout – February 7, 2023

More DYSFUNCTION at North Kingstown schools as boys’ hoop team bus STOPPED BY POLICE, plus PVD leads US in REPARATIONS craze?

The State of the Second Amendment #InTheDugout – February 6, 2023

Guests Rep. Chippendale and leading activist Nick Grasso discuss state of Second Amendment community. Plus, how are Rhode Island gun owners complying with the new high-capacity magazine ban?

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