Dad on a Mission: BOB CHIARADIO joins us! #InTheDugout – May 15, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 4:00 PM

Is the counter-revolution against the woke-Left’s Culture War starting to turn the tide? Will common-sense and God’s truth finally restore traditional American values to our society? To help wake up the Ocean State, our friend BOB CHIARADIO has undertaken a ONE MAN MISSION to raise awareness one by one in all thirty-eight school districts … in essence leading a counter-revolution against the assault by the woke left on families and our great traditional American values!

Sten’s Hot Takes #InTheDugout – May 7, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 4:00 PM

New science-based report blows up the Left’s false narrative about Green energy. Today, the co-author of that report is my guest to discuss the inconvenient truths about what really is best energy source for our world and our environment. Jason Hayes of Mackinac joins us!


New science-based report blows up the Left’s false narrative about Green energy. Today, the co-author of that report is my guest to discuss the inconvenient truths about what really is best energy source for our world and our environment. Jason Hayes of Mackinac joins us!

REAL WOMEN WON’T BACK DOWN #InTheDugout – April 30, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 4:00 PM

In yet another assault on American families, the Biden adminstration earlier this month unveiled a final set of rules changes to Title IX, which will interject men into women’s activities and undermine the fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing of their children. Kim Russell, Independent Women’s Forum Ambassador joins us, tune in! 

Will McKee’s Budget Increase Smoking Deaths? #InTheDugout – April 24, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 4:00 PM

The vaping debate is heating up in Rhode Island sparked by Governor Dan McKee’s proposed 2025 budget, which includes an 80% tax on e-cigarettes. We examine the potential negative health and economic impacts of this controversial measure, from its effects on smoking cessation efforts to its implications for small businesses and the black market. Tune in for a discussion on how the left continues their assault on Rhode Island families. 

MASSACHUSETTS TOLLS: The Tyranny of the Administrative State #InTheDugout – April 23, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 4:00 PM

Tryanny can simply be defined as a government that rules and implements policies that oppress the main populace, without the consent of that populace … whether in the hands of a single ruler, or a group of “political supremacists.”

PROTECT OUR OCEAN WITH LISA QUATTROCKI KNIGHT #InTheDugout – April 17, 2024 … Watch after 4:00 PM

The inconvenient truths that the Left, Big Wind, and government alarmists DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW about the proposed offshore wind farms for Rhode Island. Today, my deep-dive interview with the President of Green Oceans, Dr. Lisa Quattrocki Knight … and their state and federal lawsuits against these harmful and wasteful green energy boondoggles.


Has the lunatic Left and the political elite betrayed America’s working men and women and destroyed the American Dream? We’ll find out what our guest writes about this topic in her new book and a special mini-documentary produced by our own Adam Carbone.

The Washington Bridge Debacle Exposed #InTheDugout – April 10, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 6:00 PM

How much longer do Rhode Islanders put up with the incompetence, lies, and corruption in our state government? The SMOKING GUN on the Washington Bridge debacle exposed in full for us today by our guest … Ken Block.

Reality of Hamas’ Sexual Violence #InTheDugout – April 2, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 4:00 PM

As members of the human race, it is our duty to stand with the innocent victims of illegal war brutality. As a society, we must stand up to the propagandists and deniers and acknowledge the sexual violence perpetrated on October 7, 2023 by Hamas terrorists on the people of Israel. Sten interviews two members of the RI Coalition for Israel about their upcoming web event on April 7, where the truth will be exposed.

UNMASKING RIDOH: Parents Unload Their Anger #InTheDugout – March 28, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 4:00 PM

In this episode, we tackle the controversy surrounding Rhode Island’s school mask mandates, uncovering the truth behind the decisions made by the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH). As parents and the public express their frustration and anger, we shed light on the factors at play, UNMASKING the motivations behind RIDOH’s policies.

Randolph Russell, author “American History In No Time” #InTheDugout – March 27, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 4:00 PM

Join Sten as he welcomes Randolph G. Russell, the author of “American History in No Time,” to the plate. Watch as they dive deep into the fascinating narrative of American history, a story often overlooked or misunderstood.

Tyranny In RI About To Be UNMASKED #InTheDugout – March 14, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 4:00 PM

Tyranny in RI about to be UNMASKED at a public hearing tomorrow that YOU are encouraged to participate in.  Attorney Greg Piccirilli joins us. Plus, discussion with local and national election integrity experts about legislation in RI that seeks to change the way we vote for elected officials.


ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: Reality check for RI lawmakers! ALEX EPSTEIN, PHILOSOPHER AND ENERGY EXPERT, joins us to discuss the unique benefits of fossil fuels to human flourishing–including their unrivaled ability to provide low-cost, reliable energy to billions of people around the world, especially the world’s poorest people.

VITAL 2A HEARINGS THIS WEEK #InTheDugout – March 12, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 4:00 PM

Sten reacts to Cabrini, more on how you can help UNMASK RIDOH … and sadly, morning the loss of a former media colleague and RI broadcast legend …  Ron St Pierre.


ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: Today, more on the pretend world of the Left in their Liberal Never Never Land of Make Believe … the number of false narratives, purposely deceptive hoaxes, and outright LIES – pushed by our own government with our own hard-earned tax dollars … are now regularly being exposed.

Unmask The RIDOH #InTheDugout – March 6, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 4:00 PM

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: Unmasking the RIDOH! This is your biggest chance to hold your government accountable. Plus, a stunning new angle on the dangers of prolonged masking…tune in!

Bob Chiaradio on Westerly Trans Policy Update #InTheDugout – March 5, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 4:00 PM

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: Guest Bob Chiaradio joins us! Four members of the Westerly Town Council selfishly voted to silence Westerly residents during Citizen’s Comment periods at meetings. Plus, recap of transgender de-transitioner’s stirring talk… tune in!

Cooler & Warmer Debacle Déjà Vu on #InTheDugout – February 29, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 4:00 PM

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: Doc Skoly Strikes Again! Is Rhode Island’s new “All That” marketing campaign another “Cooler & Warmer” debacle deja vu all over again? Plus, is government the enemy of the people? Government dishonesty & incompetence on full display!

Sten’s Big League Highlights #InTheDugout – February 28, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 4:00 PM

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: A special and very personal Sten Reacts segment, where he talks about his own big-league baseball video highlights AND the Left’s never never land of make believe is alive and well across the world, here in America and here in RI.

WE ARE FREE-SPEECH TRUTH SEEKERS #InTheDugout – February 27, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 4:00 PM

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: More FAKE government narratives and how the CENSORSHIP regimes protects those narratives from free-speech truth seekers…. tune in now! 

SECOND AMENDMENT DOUBLE HEADER #InTheDugout – February 22, 2024

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: 2A x 2, a Second Amendment Double Header! First, RI pro-2A activist, Nick Grasso on lawsuit updates and yet another effort to ban “assault weapons” in RI; then a compelling Sisters In Arms episode featuring an interview with a woman who would not have survived a violent home assault had she been forced to lock her firearm away in a safe, as RI lawmakers are foolishly considering enacting this year.

MR. PRESIDENT, SAVE TITLE IX … Dr. Edward Bartlett joins us #InTheDugout – February 15, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 5:00 PM

Tune in as we dive deep into the latest updates on Title IX with special guest Dr. Edward Bartlett, advocating to preserve and strengthen its crucial protections. Get updates on our call for the resignation of an Assistant US Education Secretary, shedding light on the actions that may undermine the integrity of women’s sports.

Dugout Shorts: For the Love of Women’s Sports! #InTheDugout

The debate over women’s sports intensifies as incidents highlight unfair playing fields. Leaders take stand for safety & fairness. Join Katie Aubin & Nicole Solas in uncovering the assault on women’s sports. Watch now!


Join Mike Stenhouse on #InTheDugout as Howard Brown from RI Coalition for Israel delves into the pressing issue of Antisemitism. Gain insights, perspectives, and strategies in this informative discussion.

A Bad Day For The Left #InTheDugout – February 8, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 5:00 PM

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: Today in the US Supreme Court … a great day for America, a bad day for the tyrannical left, but the clear benefits of open and transparent government became eminently obvious. Rhode Island politicians should heed.


ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: On this Wuhan Wednesday, we dig deeper into more false government narratives and coordinated deception campaigns … and make a bold call to action. We’ll discuss the ongoing assault on Rhode Island families, including the DHS-URI K-12 indoctrination scheme and insights from SEL expert Rhonda Thomas. Stay tuned for the vital discussions!

How to stop RI from descending into a society run by psychopaths! #InTheDugout – February 6, 2024

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: We’re diving into the stories that other media outlets shy away from. First up, we have an exclusive update on the DHS-URI scandal. While others turn a blind eye, we’ll dissect the latest developments and unravel the complexities of this underreported issue… Tune in now!

GOVERNMENT GONE WILD ON #InTheDugout – February 1, 2024

Are traditional American values on their death bed, because  governments – across the world – have gone off the rails in trying to do to much to try to protect us from ourselves and from false perceived dangers and narratives? We’ll explore this question today across a multitude of news stories, commentary, and interviews.

Wuhan Wednesday: Uncovering the Indoctrination Agenda #InTheDugout – January 31, 2024

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: It is Wuhan Wednesday! We explore yet another contrived and government-promoted hoax… the false claims the left makes about conservative “disinformation” and the need for censorship of arguments that counter their false narratives.

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