On This Episode of #InTheDugout: Reality check for RI lawmakers? ALEX EPSTEIN, PHILOSOPHER AND ENERGY EXPERT, joins Sten to discuss the unique benefits of fossil fuels and how they have enhanced human flourishing–including their unrivaled ability to provide low-cost, reliable energy to billions of people around the world, especially the world’s poorest people. And why RI must backtrack from its unattainable green energy goals.

EV Freedom. Sten will also discuss his Providence Journal Sunday OpEd from this past weekend on why RI lawmakers should decouple our state from California’s Electric Vehicle mandate … which would BAN RI auto dealers from selling higher-performing and lower-cost gasoline powered cars … and ask Alex about it.

Said one Dugout fan of this episode: Hi Mike and Alex, You hit another home run! BRAVO! We were both glued to my computer watching your interview. Great points, as always Alex:  – Fossil fuels being cost effective, reliable, efficient, scalable to billions of people. – “The benefits [of fossil fuels] cure the side effects.” (Such an interesting point!) – Your objectively reframing RI policy as RI politicians choosing to make:  “RI — ENERGY POOR” and to “DECREASE THE LIFE OF ITS CITIZENS” vs. the alternative: being incredibly prosperous like Singapore. Offering a positive vision of what RI could become (with energy innovation, freedom to experiment in, for ex, nuclear).  – exposing Senator Whitehouse’s attack on free speech. – the contrast with Human Flourishing —that RI is engaging in promoting “HUMAN MISERY.” Mike, my husband and I both enjoyed your questions, your warmth, and person connection Alex (the Red Sox). That was a fun, entertaining surprise in a powerful pro-human flourishing half hour. Thank you both! Warmly, Ellen


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