Chariho has spent a billion dollars and 16 years failing students

The core mission of the Chariho school system is to prepare students for life. This means, students need to be proficient in reading, writing, and math. And Chariho has failed its students.

Over the last 16 years, Chariho has spent a billion dollars. A billion dollars of your money. This is not hyperbole, do the math. At approximately $65 million per year for 16 years, that’s a BILLION dollars. Wouldn’t you expect better performance than 33% proficiency in math for a billion dollars and 16 years to get it right? If private industry took this money and got this result, the government overlords would declare, “you’re fired!” But the edu-crats never seem to fire themselves, or even self-reflect on what they could do better.

The edu-crats do, however, focus on getting that next dollar. Or in this case, another $150 million. You’d think, for a billion dollars they could maintain our infrastructure with a small percentage of that money. The state of Rhode Island had to mandate a maintenance allocation to get school systems to even consider properly maintaining their physical assets.

For generations, far too long, the Chariho school committee focused on protecting their establishment and growing their empire. I bore witness to this during my 4 years on the school committee. Anyone that threatens their control is labeled as uninformed. Leadership is controlled top-down with both hard power and soft power. The hard power is exercised via the mandates from the far-left cabal at the statehouse, with unamerican curriculum and requirements for spending. The soft power is exercised through peer groups of superintendents, biased training for teachers, and their political action arm in the unions.

In order to make our schools successful, we need to be brutally honest with ourselves. Is every dollar focused like a laser beam on better student performance? If not, we must redirect the money. This proposed bond is a huge distraction from Chariho’s core mission of preparing our students for life.

You still get a say. Vote NO on this ill-conceived mega-bond today thru May 7th at your local town hall. Visit for more information.

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