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Chariho has spent a billion dollars and 16 years failing students

The core mission of the Chariho school system is to prepare students for life. This means, students need to be proficient in reading, writing, and math. And Chariho has failed its students. Over the last 16 years, Chariho has spent a billion dollars. A billion dollars of your money. This is not hyperbole, do the […]

The untold story of the sacrifice of Hope Valley Elementary School

The bureaucrats of the Chariho school district are once again using Hope Valley Elementary School (HVES) as a hostage to extract more money from taxpayers. They first used this emotional blackmail to pass the school budget in 2023. Pass the budget or we will close HVES! Just months after this budget passed, they were actively […]

The extreme financial costs of the lie ‘All Kids, All the Time’

Chariho is desperate for more of your money. Their stated motivation is the credo, “All kids…all the time.” This is a powerful appeal. Of course, we all want to support the kids. So, when anybody challenges their motivation, it becomes important for them, the biased government special interest apparatus, to attack and discredit the challenger. Right now, Superintendent Gina Picard and Chairman Catherine Guisti have their ire trained on me. The attacks do not bother me. However, it is important to me that you know the truth. Because the growing leviathan of Chariho is drowning people financially by pricing them out of their own homes.

Chariho mega-bond challenged by Hopkinton and Richmond Town Councils

On Monday of this week, a majority of the Hopkinton Town Council, members Hirst, Burns, and Geary, expressed their concern for the proposed $150 million dollar bond being proposed by the Chariho school district. The push for the bond came about fairly quickly, with little school committee discussion, in an attempt to meet a February […]

Clay Johnson: The Marxists Underestimate The Resilience Of Our Country

What a long, hot, political summer it has been. The extremists on the left have been foaming at the mouth, desperate to enact their Marxist agenda. They covet what you have, and they are willing to use government force to take it. But the Marxists underestimate the resilience of a country built on proud independence […]

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