Connecticut’s Refusal of the TCI Gas Tax Should Kill the Bills in RI

Very recently, the State of Connecticut said “no” to the TCI Gas Tax, killing the regional compact idea in the Nutmeg State, leaving Rhode Island and Massachusetts as the only 2 states among the original 14 states still considering this job-killing carbon tax scheme. Motorists are encourage to take action and to say no the the TCI Gas Tax here.

Ocean State lawmakers should follow suit, pull the related bills, and relieve our motorists of the gasoline shortages and taxes at the pump that TCI is designed to impose.

We need you to take action now to oppose the TCI Gas Tax: Click here now to use our new action tool to say that it is not a sin to drive our cars!

The easy to use tool, once completed, will automatically send an email to elected officials telling them that you oppose the TCI Gas Tax. Even if you have already taken this action, we have updated it … Please, don’t hesitate to do it again.

And now, with Connecticut out of the picture, our state’s border gas stations and convenience stores would be put at a major competitive disadvantage, as consumers would be incentivized to drive into another state to purchase low-priced fuel and other items.

Click the link here now to go to the TCI action form. It would be cruel for lawmakers to impose this fuel tax, which will especially harm rural and low-income residents, just so the elite can receive a subsidy for their expensive electric vehicles.

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