Tyler Rowley: And down the slippery slope of sewage we go in the name of love.

If you go about your life without recognizing the reality of God’s existence, you will live a life of insanity. To not acknowledge the most basic and important fact of life — that creatures require a creator — you will not recognize all of the subsequent truths that are built upon that one great truth.

It is also imperative that men recognize the reality of a personal evil in the world that seeks to turn them away from God. The Devil is real. This is harder for people to accept because it seems mythological, sort of a made-up story to explain evil. It matters not. His existence is attested to by our Lord and his reality has been experienced down the centuries through demonic possessions and exorcisms. He’s real, and as the saying goes, misery loves company.

Jesus tells us that Satan is a deceiver. He would certainly be happy to turn all men into atheists but he understands that man is built to know God. Easier than producing God-deniers, he is much more successful at twisting the truth about God.

Let’s take love as an example. Love is the most powerful thing in the world. Love is willing the good of others to the point of sacrificing your life for them. The Cross is the best example of love, and it can never be separated from truth lest it devolve into empty sentimentalism for the sake of making people feel good. And that’s precisely how Satan has perverted love. He doesn’t deny love and its power. He twists it. He uses its strength against us. Love is now tantamount to tolerance, acceptance and being nice. “Love wins.” “Love is love.” The truth of the thing being tolerated no longer matters. Just shut up and love people like Jesus.

With this false sense of love now the cardinal virtue of society, he can make the most evil things seem good.

You want to kill your unborn baby? That’s love.

You want to administer cross-sex hormones and hormone blockers to change your eight year old son into a girl? That’s love.

You want to deny that there are male and female? That’s love.

You want men competing in women’s sports? That’s love.

You want to help people kill themselves? That’s love.

You want to invite a hyper-sexual, perverted, scary-looking, bigoted cross-dresser into the library to read to toddlers? That’s love.

And down the slippery slope of sewage we go in the name of love.

Do you see how cunning he is? There’s almost no evil action left that can’t be defended by this culture in the name of love.

Love is now meaningless. Truth – unknowable. Sin – impossible. And without sin, you do not need a savior.

He turns man away from God, not by convincing him that God doesn’t exist, but rather by convincing him that his sins are good.

We didn’t get here overnight and we’ll be much further down the sewer in ten years if we don’t wake up. Drag Queen Story Hour is merely a small example of what happens when Catholics don’t act like the body of Christ. How many cultural sins have we tolerated and turned a blind eye to in the name of tolerance? Enough! You are the problem if you don’t stand up. You are the one who has been equipped with the graces to fight this evil and instead you champion Satan’s perversion of love. Or, you come up with yet another excuse for why you shouldn’t make a fuss about this thing. For you, it’s never time to speak up, but it’s not because you’re scared or slothful, but rather it’s because you’re smarter than everyone else.

Every Catholic teaching is true and therefore every Catholic teaching is worthy of being defended. And that is how you love people.

This abomination is taking place on Saturday, June 26th at the West Warwick Public Library. Join the fight by contacting these West Warwick Town Council members until they cancel this child-abusive event. Source: www.wwpl.org/kids

West Warwick Town Council:

  • Ward 1: Maribeth Williamson, Council Vice President, 401-823-5545, mwilliamson@westwarwickri.org
  • Ward 2: David Gosselin, Jr., Council President, 401-821-8994, dgosselin@westwarwickri.org
  • Ward 3: Jason K. Messier, Councilman 401-537-8301, jmessier@westwarwickri.org
  • Ward 4: Jason E. Licciardi, Sr., Councilman 401-787-7463, jlicciardi@westwarwickri.org
  • Ward 5: John F. D’Amico, Councilman, 401-523-6582, jdamico@westwarwickri.org

“Modern man has so long preached a doctrine of false tolerance; he has so long believed that right and wrong were only differences in a point of view, that now when evil works itself out in practice he is paralyzed to do anything against it.” – Fulton Sheen

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