DAILY SIGNAL: Shoe Brand Crocs Sponsors Drag Fashion Show With Kids

Yet another brand has fallen to the woke agenda. RuPaul’s DragCon UK announced that the beloved American brand Crocs, famous for its comfortable casual shoes, is cosponsoring and promoting a drag show with children at an upcoming event in London.

An Instagram post by RuPaul’s DragCon encouraging “all kids under 18” to report to the main stage with a guardian appears to have been taken down. However, the event continues to promote activities dedicated to normalizing drag for children, including a “kids zone” with a “Drag Queen Story Time.”

On today’s edition of the “Problematic Women” podcast, we discuss the deterioration of Colorado-based Crocs and why the company likely caved to the radical woke agenda.

Also on today’s show, football during the holiday season was dramatic, exciting, and tragic. We tell you what you need to know.

Plus, the Food and Drug Administration just approved the sale of abortion drugs, an action that highlights the need for congressional oversight of the Biden administration. And as always, we’ll crown our Problematic Woman of the Week!

Listen to the podcast below:

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