Drag Queen Story Hour Features Cultural Marxist… No, Really

On Saturday June 2, 2019,  a drag performer in full costume calling himself “Naomi Chomsky” read a story to small children at the Fall River Public Library. Outside, Christian protesters prayed for the mental well-being of the children subjected to his performance. These “Drag Queen Story Hour” performances are spreading throughout Rhode Island, despite the concerns of many citizens. Why are they happening?

Naomi Chomsky Facebook Drag Queen Story Hour Marixism

In a Facebook post on June 3rd “Chomsky” wrote, “PSA: I am a Marxist, I am queer af, and I was responsible for the dissemination of dangerous communist propaganda that people deserve love and respect no matter what their identity is. My audience was children but it seems more than a few adults need to learn that lesson too. #SolidarityForever #AnotherWorldIsPossible”

As first reported by Turtleboy, a popular alternative anti-PC blog, “Chomsky” has an extensive history of militant leftist and sexually explicit public Facebook posts. 

Turtleboy wrote about “Chomsky” on the website’s blog post, “And there it is. This is political brainwashing of children, and the taxpayers are footing the bill at the PUBLIC library.”

“Chomsky” also appeared at a Progressive anti-Catholic faith protest in front of the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul wearing a Communist hammer and sickle T-shirt. At the demonstration there were multiple progressive activists in costume, including a dead nun costume. He was recognized by the speakers at the demonstration for his performance in Fall River.

Drag Queen Story Hour Progressive Communist

In 1933, the Communist government of the Soviet Union criminalized homosexual activity with a penalty of five years of hard labor. Communism is known for its vast human rights abuses, placing no value on the individual. Men with homosexual identity were criminalized in 1934. Some estimates place as many as 1000 men a year were charged with this crime, and sent to the Gulags.

As part of the American foreign policy strategy, the Trump administration is working to decriminalize homosexuality around the globe.

On “Chomsky’s” public Facebook page, there are multiple posts that indicate that “Chomsky” is supportive of Antifa, and participated in a violent demonstration in front of the Rhode Island State House in August 2018. Antifa is a loose knit and violent marxist organization that operates nationally with cells here in the Ocean State. During the August 2018 skirmishes, Antifa and other leftist groups squared off against “Resist Marxism”. A libertarian veteran was brutally struck in the back of the head with a bike lock after the event, and charges were pressed against a man named Alexander Carrion.

Marxist Antifa Drag Queen Story Hour Reader

Confidential documents leaked to Politco from the Department of Homeland Security label Antifa activities as “domestic terrorist violence.”

“Traditionally, libraries have been a  ‘safe’ place for families to bring their children for healthy interaction with good reading and other children their age. The recent fad of having ‘Drag Queen Story Hours’ is not healthy and neither is it a safe environment for children as some have been found to have records of child molestation,” said Rev. David A. Aucoin, Pastor of Abundant Life Assembly of God.

Drag Queen Story Hours are part of a national movement. After a public outcry, a second Drag Queen Story Hour at the Bristol was cancelled. This event however was then rescheduled by the library.

Aucoin continued, “Merriam Webster’s definition of a Drag Queen: “usually gay man who dresses as a woman and performs as an entertainer especially to caricature women who use their charm or wiles to seduce and exploit men.”  This phenomenon has an agenda and it is not a good one. The vast majority of parents want to be in charge of their child’s moral upbringing.”


Rogers Free Library Drag Queen Story Hour Pride


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