DAILY SIGNAL: WARNING: ‘Don’t Let Your Child Fall Prey to a Manufactured Identity Crisis’

Virginia mom Merianne Jensen became a voice for parental rights and common sense when she asked a simple question during a local school board meeting in 2022.

“If masks work, why don’t they?” Jensen asked the school board in Prince William County, Virginia.

A video of the incident went viral, launching Jensen into the position to be a voice for parents who are fighting back against radical leftist policies targeting children.

But the push to promote this leftist ideology no longer occurs only in the schools, but also may be found in doctor’s offices, the mother says.

On Sunday, Jensen wrote on X, formerly Twitter, that she recently took her 14-year-old to the doctor and noted that “halfway through the doctor asks me to leave.”

Jensen wrote that she refused, and the doctor “proceeded to ask if there were any questions about gender identity.”

“Nope. I stopped it right there,” she wrote.

“We cannot continue to fuel this madness,” Jensen also wrote on X. “Fight it. Don’t let your child fall prey to a manufactured identity crisis. It ends with us, or it continues to lay claim to more children until the family and our children literally become unrecognizable. Don’t fall for the love narrative. This is a political path that only leads to pain and suffering for everyone involved. Especially the child.”

Jensen joins the “Problematic Women” podcast to share her unexpected rise to fame after she spoke out at a school board meeting and to talk about what parents can do to guard their kids from the Left’s harmful agenda.

Also on today’s show, we have the story of two California teachers who are fighting back against a policy that would force them to lie to parents of children struggling with their gender identities. And Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, takes steps to repeal the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, known as the FACE Act.

Listen to the podcast below:

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