Do Males Suffer More Human Rights Violations than Females?

This past weekend, the Human Rights Council observed international Human Rights Day. So why did the UN event exclude consideration of the numerous human right concerns of boys and men?

by Edward E. Bartlett, PhD

President, DAVIA: Domestic Abuse and Violence International Alliance

Why Did Human Rights Day Ignore the Massive Human Rights Violations Against Boys and Men?

December 11, 2023 – Groups across the globe observed Human Rights Day on December 10, which is inspired by the landmark Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The UDHR calls for upholding persons’ rights and freedoms “without distinction of any kind…such as sex,” which means these assurances equally apply to both men and women (1).

But around the world, boys and men are subjected to severe human rights violations. Following is a partial listing (2):

  • Child Labor: 97 million boys, compared to 63 million girls, are compelled to participate in child labor (3).
  • Child Homicides: Boys account for 70% of homicide victims under 20 years of age, compared to 30% who are girls (4).
  • Homelessness: Around the world, 75% of homeless persons are men (5).
  • Occupational Injuries: Men experience occupational injuries nearly two times more often than women. Men: 1,443/100,000 workers; Women: 755/100,000 workers. (6)

The greatest human rights violation arises from an orchestrated campaign that seeks to stereotype men as domestic abusers (7). Hundreds of research studies reveal that women commit domestic violence as often as men (8), but feminist organizations continue to obscure this fact (9). The defamation of men hinders male victims from getting help, curtails due process protections for the falsely accused, and creates stereotypes that thwart men’s ability to enjoy the fruits of gender equality.

Ironically, the UN Human Rights Council is one of the worst offenders. The HRC sponsors a “Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women” who regularly speaks out on behalf of women (10).  Even though the World Health Organization reports that twice as many men as women are killed by injuries and violence each year (11), the HRC has no Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Men.

In anticipation of Human Rights Day, the HRC’s Human Rights 75 Countdown highlighted a variety of issues pertaining to women — but categorically ignored the human rights concerns of men (12):

  • Day 10: Get informed on the women who helped draft the Universal Declaration
  • Day 42: Get informed: “Women are on the frontline of care.”
  • Day 52: Get informed – Sustainable livelihoods for rural women
  • Day 61: Get inspired: Hauwa Ojeifo, She Writes Woman Mental Health Initiative

In September, the Domestic Abuse and Violence International Alliance called on the Human Rights Council to open an inquiry into the global status of men and boys (13). DAVIA has yet to receive a response to its petition.

Indeed, an in-depth review of the HRC website fails to locate a single statement, report, or event that is dedicated to upholding the human rights of men (14). The wholescale neglect of men’s human rights reflects a disturbing reality: At the Human Rights Council, democratic ideals of equal opportunity have been replaced by neo-Marxist notions of gender retribution.

The Domestic Abuse and Violence International Alliance – DAVIA — consists of 112 member organizations from 33 countries in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. DAVIA seeks to ensure that domestic violence and abuse polices are science-based, family-affirming, and gender-inclusive.


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