Dr. Prakash Chougule: Choose Flanders for Balance of Representation in Congress

It’s been almost three decades since we have had balance of power in Rhode Island’s representation of U.S. Senators in Washington DC. Senator John Chafee(R) and Claiborne Pell(D), both highly regarded and respected across party lines, made Rhode Islanders proud at home and in Washington DC.

Time has come for Rhode Island to do it again. If not for any other reason but to bring the needed change of power at the US Senate. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has served two terms and had his opportunity to represent us for good or bad.

It is time for us to elect a newcomer to politics, a brilliant, hard-working, moderate candidate who in my opinion is the most eligible candidate we have seen over the last three decades. That is Judge Robert Flanders. I have no doubt in my mind that he will work closely with Senator Jack Reed whom I have tremendous respect for.

Judge Flanders’ personal and professional life is nothing but a true American story.

Eldest of seven children born in a lower middle class working family, Flanders drove a garbage truck, cleaned floors and painted walls to make a living and support his family along the way. He was first in his family to go to college, not any college but the prestigious Brown University where he would play baseball and a quarterback on the football team, all while excelling academically. He supported himself through college cutting lawns at the Wheeler School and working in the kitchen cleaning tables.

After a season of playing for the Minor League Detroit Tigers, he soon realized his future would be served better as an attorney and joined Harvard Law school. Through the years, he became a very successful attorney, eventually becoming an Associate Justice at the Rhode Island supreme court. Mr. Flanders involvement in the community and at the state level are too numerous to name. Judge Flanders will bring the needed change to Rhode Island. He’s an ultimate family man, married to his wife for 47 years and a proud father of three children and a grandfather to five grandchildren. I have known Mr. Flanders for several years and have nothing but great admiration for his character, work ethic, humility and proud of his service to the community,

I hope Rhode Islanders will look beyond the partisan politics and elect a candidate who is most deserving of the seat to the United States Senate and elect Judge Robert Flanders as our US senator.

Dr. Prakash Chougule is a radiation oncologist and past president of the India Association of Rhode Island.

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