Please Vote Tuesday to Achieve Victory for Conservatives

On Tuesday, you and I have a chance to make a big difference! I am personally encouraging you to vote… to exercise your precious right and to vote for candidates who support a pro-growth, pro-business, and pro-taxpayer agenda!

For years, I have been Rhode Island’s leading voice in highlighting the wreckage that the progressive-left agenda has wrought upon our state. In the General Assembly, as well as at the state and federal level, there are many races that pit an extreme-left radical against a more mainstream candidate. These races will be very close, and where your vote could help provide the margin of victory. 
The national economy is booming because of conservative policies! Yet Rhode Island suffers stagnant economic performance and persistently ranks in the bottom-5 … all because of our progressive-left policies. If we want new and better policies, we must first have new and better lawmakers.
As you consider your vote, please do your homework to determine which candidates best represent the values that are closest to your own. If you agree with me that far-left agenda threatens our individual and constitutional rights, and would restrict our educational, economic and religious freedoms… then, in most races, the choice will be obvious.
Our coalition partner, The Gaspee Project, has put together an Election 2018 website page, where you can find a list of key races and lawmaker scorecards, as well as ‘cheat sheets’ on extreme-left candidates.
Please do your research and – whatever your persuasion – be sure to vote of Tuesday! Our democracy depends on you remaining vigilant – and freely exercising your rights.
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