Dust in the Light on Planet Corona

There may still be a few readers out there who’ll remember that I got my blogging start with a site called Dust in the Light nearly 20 years ago.  When a few of us began Anchor Rising a couple years later, I tried to keep up Dust in the Light for a while, with more of a national and social-issue.  Then, not long after the Ocean State Current started, time just didn’t allow for all that differentiating of content.

Nowadays, a little bit of time freed up, but more important, there are some things I want to write about that just don’t fit on the Current.  Sometimes I’ve tried to force them in, but the fit isn’t quite there.

So, I’ve revived Dust in the Light for philosophical and theological essays and maybe the odd bit of stylistic writing.  Not only are these styles and topics that I miss as a writer, they are also increasingly missing from the public square, from what I’ve seen.  (It doesn’t have to be a solo effort, by the way, so if you want to send me content, I’ll consider it and, per my usual practice, draft you as an independent contributor as soon as I think it’s reasonable.)

My first essay is “Coronavirus Earth,” about the ways in which life under COVID-19 has been “clarifying many ideas with experience that were previously abstract.”

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