ESPN Anchor Departs after Network “Punishes” her for Condemning CV19 Vax

Originally published by The Blaze; written by Chris Enloe

ESPN anchor Sage Steele announced Tuesday that she is leaving the imperiled, Disney-owned sports network after settling a lawsuit.

The motivation for leaving her place of employment for the last 16 years? According to Steele, she wants to exercise her First Amendment rights “more freely.”

“Having successfully settled my case with ESPN/Disney, I have decided to leave so I can exercise my first amendment rights more freely,” she announced on X (formerly Twitter). “I am grateful for so many wonderful experiences over the past 16 years and am excited for my next chapter!”

Steele filed a lawsuit against ESPN last year accusing Disney and ESPN of retaliating against her after she voiced opinions about Barack Obama and her employer’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

While speaking on a podcast in September 2021, Steele revealed that she only got the COVID-19 vaccine because her employer mandated it.

“I didn’t want to do it,” she said. “But I work for a company that mandates it and I had until Sept. 30 to get it done or I’m out.”

Steele called ESPN’s vaccine mandate “scary” and “sick.” But she said the mandate did not surprise her because Disney is a “global company.” Still, she said getting the vaccine was “emotional” and made her feel “defeated.” In that same interview, Steele also appeared to criticize Obama’s self-identification as “black” because he is biracial and was raised by white family members.

The final terms of the settlement were not made public.

“ESPN and Sage Steele have mutually agreed to part ways,” ESPN said in a statement on Tuesday. “We thank her for her many contributions over the years.”

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