The Left’s ASSAULT ON THE FAMILY #InTheDugout Radio with Mike Stenhouse & Elaine Morgan – December 20, 2023

CALL IN AT 401-859-1975

GET READY FOR THE GRAND SLAM OF LISTENING EXPERIENCES! Tune into #InTheDugout Radio with Mike Stenhouse and Elaine Morgan today from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM live and then ON DEMAND for our exciting show!

Looking for a new listening experience? Look no further! Join our dynamic hosts, Sten and Elaine, as they take you on a home run journey through the heart of the Ocean State. Get ready for the latest news and views plus captivating interviews with fascinating individuals who have a unique take on Rhode Island. From local legends to unsung heroes, our hosts delve into conversations that will keep you hooked from the first pitch to the final inning.

Listen to #InTheDugout Radio Today

Our new #InTheDugout radio promises surprises, so tune in or even better yet call in today! You never know who might step up to the plate next … Celebrities, community leaders, and influencers – this show is a lineup of the best and brightest voices in the Ocean State with the stories that the main stream media won’t touch. Catch the worldwide debut of #InTheDugout and discover why this show is hitting it out of the park. The dugout is the place to be, and the conversation is just getting started!

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