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Hi Ladies (and a few gentlemen),

Was anyone surprised by former President Donald Trump’s announcement this week that he’s running for President in 2024? I certainly wasn’t and I suspect you weren’t either!

Reactions vary. Some may feel a little frustrated or even have a sense of dread about the country being further divided. Others are thrilled, understandably believing Trump deserves a do-over and the vindication that a second term will bring. I’ll admit, I’m sympathetic to that idea since Trump was harassed and smeared even before taking office by the very people who insist today that there’s nothing to see when it comes to Hunter Biden’s illegal activities as well as the questionable connections Hunter’s business partners had to China, Ukraine, and the President himself!

But questions nag at me, particularly what Trump’s run means for other promising Republicans who have presidential ambitions–DeSantis, Pompeo, Pence, Haley, and others. Clearly, Trump sees himself as an incumbent candidate who should enjoy the normal tradition of not being primaried by members of his party. But it’s doubtful the other potential candidates will sit it out. Are we in for another bloody primary season? Are we looking at further rifts within the Republican party? Will Trump launch a third-party candidacy if he loses the primary? It’s hard to answer those questions right now but we’ll be watching this unfold right along with you.

In other political news, let’s take a moment to celebrate the retirement (finally!) of our octogenarian Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Given her husband’s unfortunate recent history with a hammer, it’s probably wise that Nancy put down her gavel so she can attend to Paul’s recovery.

Of course, we’ll never really know the full story behind Paul, the pinot, the Porsche, and the police, but that’s just one of the many benefits of being a powerful Democrat. Possessing the Jedi-like ability to control the legacy media is such a useful tool! And given the recent suspension of a well-respected NBC reporter for asking a few too many questions about Paul’s house guest, the media won’t be poking around Pelosi’s palatial pad anytime soon.

Over on the Network, we covered Trump’s announcement as well as other headline-making issues. Take a look!


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  • Buckle Up: Sam Janney discusses Trump’s big announcement and what the next two years might look like.
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  • Arizona School Choice: On the latest episode of Escaping Your Government Assigned School, host Ginny Gentles interviews Taylor Hoffman about the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program, a state-funded flexible spending account for K-12 families.
  • Protecting Kids: Laura Carno dives into the reasons why school districts in Colorado and many other states are pursuing the option of arming school staff.
  • Vote Buying: Jane Frazer dives into Biden’s craven attempt to buy votes by pushing out his student loan forgiveness scam.

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