Is it True? Trump Releases State-By-State Dossier Detailing His Claims of 2020 Election Fraud

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The information reported in this article has not been independently verified by The Ocean State Current or the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity, each of which, however, have publicly raised concerns and questions about the security of Rhode Island’s insecure mail-ballot voting process. We agree with the prestigious The Heritage Foundation , which writes:

There are people who claim that election fraud is massive, and those who claim it is exceedingly rare or doesn’t occur at all. But as the U.S. Supreme Court said in 2008 in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board, “flagrant examples of such fraud … have been documented throughout this Nation’s history by respected historians and journalists … [that] demonstrate that not only is the risk of voter fraud real but that it could affect the outcome of a close election.” The big problem is that nobody really knows the extent of election fraud, including us. While we are not making any definitive claims about the extent of election fraud in our country, we are confident in saying that there are far too many vulnerabilities in our current system.


Donald Trump, the 45th President, has compiled a lengthy dossier detailing all of the election fraud, he claims, that plagued the swing states during the 2020 election in a state-by-state fashion. You can read his lengthy report in its entirety below:

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