Kara Young: Protect the Innocence of Rhode Island Children

The beautiful and well attended Rosary of Reparation Saturday (organized by Father Nicholas Fleming, Pastor of Sts. John and James Church, and which took place outside the West Warwick Library while inside the Drag Queen “Ninny Nothin'” led a story hour for little children) was amazing and I was very honored to attend.

Although I live in Narragansett,  it is essential that all Rhode Islanders stand against these outrageously brazen attempts to indoctrinate our children into an immoral and dangerous ideology. It’s a matter of protecting the innocence of Rhode Island children.

Our physical presence and our praying of the Holy Rosary outside of the West Warwick library today surely planted the seeds of truth in some who attended while also serving to demonstrate the very significant opposition that Rhode Islanders have to these type of events.

When a cross-dressing adult male sex performer with a documented history of vile, sexual, and bigoted anti-Catholic social media posts gets the stamp of approval to read story hour to a targeted group of 0-6 year olds, the important question of judgment, or in this case the lack there-of, emerges front and center.

Those West Warwick Town Council members who did not stand against this event, along with West Warwick Library Director Colin McCullough and those Library Trustees who did not help stop it, are guilty of contributing greatly to the hyper-sexualization of our society’s youth as well as to the direct scandalization of the young children who attended today.

One has to wonder why the West Warwick Library’s interest in hyper-sexualized individuals facilitating story hours focuses with such fervent favor on Drag Queens.  Did the library invite any female strippers from the Foxy Lady in Providence to read story hour to young kids lately?  Any male Chippendale dancers on their story hour docket for next month? No? Why not? Not deviant enough for the West Warwick Library?

Drag Queen “story hours” nationwide, cleverly packaged as events merely intended to celebrate and promote “inclusion,” are nothing less than concocted events with the very thinly veiled agenda of breaking down the natural morality and modesty of young children and indoctrinating them into a very unhealthy ideology.

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