LTE: National Democrat Leaders Continue Their January 6 Lies

Letter To the Editor:
      The fear and hatred that the Democrat Party have for former President Donald Trump is evident by President Biden’s January 6, 2023 speech honoring the men and women who ostensibly helped to defend the capitol during the so-called Jan 6, 2021 insurrection. The president specifically referred to the five (5) police officers who were killed during the riots. That is not true! It is a matter of public record that no police officers were killed on Jan. 6th. One officer, sadly suffered a stroke and subsequently died at home. He was not bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher as dishonestly reported by the mainstream media. Furthermore, the fact that no police officers were killed on January 6th is a settled issue and President Biden surely must have known that.
      Another Democrat who has a reputation of talking out of both sides of his mouth is Representative Hakeem Jeffries, 8th District, NY. As the newly elected House Minority Leader, during a recent speech, to the House of Representatives he too was dishonest and said that five (5) police officers were killed during the January 6th riots. Here we have the President of the United States and another prominent Democrat willfully and shamelessly lying to the American people. However, the biggest falsehood is that the national press has let them get away with it! Moreover, there were only two people killed during the January 6th riots and the Democrat’s never mentioned their names. One was Ms. Ashley Babbitt who was shot and killed by a capitol police officer for no legitimate reason! The other one was Ms. Roseanne Boyland who was beaten down with a wooden stick by a female capitol police officer. Ms. Boyland allegedly was later trampled to death as she lay unconscious in the path of a crowd of rioters escaping from the capitol after tear gas was fired at them by the capitol police. I believe that, most anyone familiar with the judicial process recognizes that ex-Speaker of the House Nancy Polosi’s Special Commission to Investigate the January 6th Insurrection was nothing but a kangaroo court and a farce. It should have been named “Get Trump” under any circumstances! It is continuing today with falsehoods being told by prominent Democrats who shake in their shoes every time they hear Trump’s name. Thank you
James M. Mageau
Charlestown, R.I. 
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