Newest Addition to State’s … Er, News Scene: “The Rhode Island Cooler and Warmer”

Rhode Island has a new … um, newspaper (in the loosest sense of the word): “The Rhode Island Cooler and Warmer”. From the publication’s “About” section on their Facebook page.

The Rhode Island Cooler and Warmer is a satirical news publication. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and enjoy.

Not only does the publication exist only on Facebook and Twitter, but some of its articles are not even complete, ending at what appears to be the middle of the article with a seeming traditional newspaper pointer “Cont’d on Page 4” … but no Page 4 (or whatever) to turn or click to.

This is the only slightly discombobulating aspect of an otherwise well-informed, fun and definitely welcome addition to Rhode Island’s … um, newspaper scene. To give you a flavor of the newspaper, the headline of one of my favorite “articles” (screenshot only, so no way to copy and paste an excerpt here) is “Governor Gina Raimondo Briefly Visits Rhode Island”.

In its second issue, Cooler Warmer “covers” a news item inexplicably missed by WPRI’s indefatigable Providence news hound Dan McGowan.

City of Providence files legal claim as common law wife of former Mayor Vincent Cianci: City seeks millions from Buddy’s estate

and also gets the dirt on the real method utilized by Brown University to conduct a poll.

Check it all out, including their latest issue released just in time for Independence Day, here.

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