Opportunity – Rhode Island Is Losing The Race

Instead of greater tax burdens on families and increased mandates on small businesses, broad-based relief that opens the door for more and better businesses to create more and better jobs is what we need if we want a better quality of life for Rhode Island families. Unfortunately, in far too many cases, there are empty chairs at our dinner tables. Opportunity is a key factor in migration of families from state to state. In this regard, Rhode Island is losing the race. We all know people forced to leave Rhode Island. Unfortunately, in far too many cases, there are empty chairs at our dinner tables.

The Family Prosperity Index (FPI) shows, quantitatively, the link between economic and social policy in determining prosperity. Rhode Island has the worst business climate in the nation. Our state ranks 48th on both the FPI created by top economists at the American Conservative Union, and the Jobs and Opportunity Index created by our Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity. It has virtually zero population growth, and it has suffered the ignominy of dozens of other near-bottom rankings. You deserve more than the rigged status quo.

Despite the failed policy culture, Rhode Island’s political class appears happy to stay the course. We need to empower entrepreneurs, families, and all of the people of Rhode Island to make the decisions for our state. Isn’t it about time? The Ocean State has been crippled by a broken system for far too long. Big spending, high taxes, and insider handouts have led us to where we are now. What if lawmakers were to realize that our policy culture of considering only the material needs of individuals has, all along, has been harmful to the family unit? They can become heroes.

The Ocean State needs to dare to disrupt the status quo and boldly evolve itself into a regional outlier so that we can become a magnet – on our own – for businesses, jobs, and families. How many of us would say that the status quo is making anything easier on the average family? For too long, the political elites have thought they’ve known how to better run your life than you do. I encourage you to speak out against the insiders who want further their own agenda, while your family is kept out of the process. Things can change here in the Ocean State, but it is to each of to make sure that it happens.

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