Presidential Town Hall: ‘Fixing America’ Comes to Cranston

‘Fixing America’ Comes to Cranston

America faces the most severe financial crisis since the Great Depression, warns a former Rhode Island mayor who last month announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election.

Steve Laffey, who served two terms as mayor of Cranston and turned the city from the edge of bankruptcy to one of the most fiscally sound cities in America,, cited government covid relief spending, much of it fraudulent, and inflationary Federal Reserve policies for “destroying the middle class .”

Running as a Republican, Laffey spoke at the Chapel Grille restaurant in Cranston at an Ocean State Current forum moderated by Mike Stenhouse on March 17.


The former Cranston native also called for ending public school education, which has failed and outlived its usefulness. “The proper role for the federal government in education is no role,” said Laffey, who lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Instead, the government should cut a check for families so that they can either send their children to private schools or home-schooling, he said. Laffey noted that in Rhode Island the per pupil annual cost has reached $23,000 in some communities. Home schooling, private or parochial education costs far
less and would greatly ease the property tax burden on Rhode Islanders, he said.

Laffey also said that the United States needs to close the borders, build a wall, and stop the flow of fentanyl from Mexico – a drug that killed 100,000 Americans last year. He vowed to “change the relationship” with our southern neighbor so they won’t dare encourage border crossings.

On the international front, Laffey urged America to continue its support of the Ukraine to checkmate future Russian aggression. He also urged the United States to stop trading with China. “Never in history has a communist country become a democracy by trading with them,” he said.

When asked by an attendee about his thoughts on seeing Rhode Island, Laffey said the state “looks terrible… its physically old, falling apart, and politically hasn’t changed.”

Laffey said he looks forward to debating Donald Trump and alerting America how much the former president added to the deficit. More information on Steve Laffey and his documentary Fixing America can be found at

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