Committee Hearing Wednesday as RI Citizens Speak Out to Restore Local Authority by Repealing RIDE’s Authority to Mandate Curricula

The RI House Education Committee will hear H5498 on Wednesday, March 22.

In 2019, the Rhode Island General Assembly granted authority to the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) to develop curricula for various subjects and mandate it to every school district in the state … removing authority from local school districts to determine what is taught to our children. 

RIDE Commissioner, Angelica Infante Green, and her staff have abused this authority to push an overtly-politicized agenda through multiple “centrally-planned” curricula standards. H5498 would repeal this 2019 law.

You can petition elected and education officials to repeal this authority by clicking here.

Over 250 petitions submitted … and counting; go to end of this post to view entire list. Check back regularly for updated comments and list.

Comments from petition signers are immediately below;

Parental authority needs to be respected. No institution has the right to usurp parental authority.
RIDE is a complete failure to its students and a disappointment to the taxpayers.
I reject CRT curriculum as the path forward for Rhode Island education. Stop spreading hate and division within our school systems and distracting from core educational needs.
The 2019 Riamondo legislation to give RIDE all the curricula decisions has to be the most dangerous and insidious pieces of legislation ever to come out of Capitol Hill. Give the education back to the cities and towns before an entire generation is lost.
The parents should be the ones that okay the classes for their kids.
I respectfully request that local cities and towns should be responsible for curricular decisions.
The RI Education department in failing our children. The only focus for educators should be teaching fundamentals in Math, English, Science, and Civics/History.
When interviews of College students show they can not name the First President of the USA, never mind the present one? Teach our children the skills they will need to compete in the 21 Century in a rapidly developing technological world.
I don’t agree with how things have been trending for many years and that needs to change. I mean people cannot even count back correct change. It does no good to have uneducated or undereducated societies.
Send back authority to local school districts where parents and community members have a say in their child’s education.
Please send Infante back to NY or China where she belongs. She hates children and she hates RI.
We need to go back to the basics and stop confusing and taking away the innocence of our children. You are not professionals in this field and the parents are the only ones who should address this with their children.
After a generation-plus if functionally illiterate and math-challenged graduates, school curricula need to return to the tasks at hand: reading, writing and arithmetic. The ‘social nuances’ will take care of themselves OUTSIDE of the classroom.
As a retired teacher for 32 years, curriculum decisions belong at the local level.
I am appalled with the direction the current education. Time to put vocational/industrial arts back and have them learn a trade. Time to have the students learn a TRUE home economic class that will ensure proper $$$ management to ensure proper credit.
RIDE is a complete failure to its students and a disappointment to the taxpayers.
Enough is enough. Raise the standards. Don’t lower the bar. Infante- Greene needs to move on, she never had the skills to do the job. Just another one of Gina’s lackeys. Catering to those who do not want to learn important lessons like Civics and history. It is an abomination!
Stop holding cities and towns hostage relative to school curriculum and funding – let the local districts decide the curricula that best suits their needs of their kids. Stop tying state aid to accepting RIDE’s curricula – this shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.
Reading Writing Arithmetic. Decided locally
RIDE severely impacted Providence Schools NEGATIVELY.
This has to stop. School officials should have no authority to deal with any educating other than basic educational courses… reading, writing history civics and arithmetic. Etc
Rhode Island School districts should have local authority to set educational policy
It is outrageously disgusting that the schools have Over stepped on our children. Prison is the only place for anyone who grooms a child. Indoctrination needs to stop now.
We, the parents, want our school choices and curricula to be totally in the hands of local parents, school boards and local elected officials. We disapprove of the RIDE standards and curricula being handed down to cities and towns in RI.
Please return curricula decisions to local school committees and local school officials and parents. We as TAXPAYERS and our children deserve much better than what RIDE has given our children and students of Rhode Island
We would love to send our children back to school but are being forced to homeschool due to current woke curriculum that are against our religion. Schools need to get back to the basics so every single American and Rhode Island don’t have to be in fear of certain indoctrination that goes against their freedom of religious beliefs
We would love to send our children back to school but are being forced to homeschool due to current woke curriculum that are against our religion. Schools need to get back to the basics so every single American and Rhode Island don’t have to be in fear of certain indoctrination that goes against their freedom of religious beliefs
Return the decision making surrounding curriculum to the individual communities and districts!!!
We parents want more access to curricula: to see what is being taught, how it is being taught, and to propose curricula that focus on academics. The best way for parents to be able to participate in the process is directly through the school and our local school committees, not petitioning a committee in Providence or through the state house.
Please send Infante back to NY or China where she belongs. She hates children and she hates RI.
The repeal of this law is crucial to the successful future of RI public education.
I totally agree with the pre-written text
This Woke ideology has gone way too far. Those that condone such acts as listed above should be closely monitored else they profane the system in its entirety.
I do not want my tax dollars going to exploit children, period. Enough is enough.
Return curricula control to local schools and parents, where it belongs.
Schools radical curriculum changes are affecting our children. These changes are totally against what most parents want their children to learn. The sexual content is appalling and not at all age appropriate.
I have seen first hand the inappropriately aged and presented health curriculum in my district. This needs to change.
Elected officials don’t listen anymore to their constituents. Instead they vote and make decisions on their beliefs and that’s not what they’re supposed to do. I hope they smarten up. Thanks you
Education is a local decision- leave it that way. It’s time for the children to get back to basics. The classroom is no place for educators and/or administrators to impart their values. Moral education is the job of the parents.
Give cities & towns the right to govern their local schools. People choose to live in towns based on the varied educational, rural vs. city demographics, cultural, economic characteristics that they want for their families. One-size-fits-all does not protect the people’s right to choose.
I want education not indoctrination.
I am a retired Massachusetts teacher.
local control
I call on state lawmakers to support 2023 RI House bill H5498 and Senate bill S0187 that will REPEAL the enacted state law based on the 2019 Senate bill S0863 … and to return curricula decisions to local communities.
Angelica Infante Green should be fired!
The agenda across schools is unacceptable. Our children have more stress than ever on their plates. They don’t this agenda being pushed on them to complicate their minds even more. Their mental health needs to come first. Parents voices need to be heard. It’s unacceptable what they’re doing to our kids
Each parent needs to have say in his town to decide what is best not just some few persons no one can speak with . absolutely not
It is essential for parents to participate in their children’s education. The best way to enable that is to empower local school committees with the authority to shape the local curriculum. This puts decisions closest to the families impacted.
Time to rein in the RIDE and knock off this progressive nonsense!
I do not trust Commissioner Infante-Green she has an agenda that is very bad for the children and the State of Rhode Island ! How she she got this job is beyond me ! She needs to GO !
So many don’t really know what is being taught in our schools with our hard earned tax dollars. We don’t want an agenda pushed on our precious youth. Unacceptable!!!! House bill H5498 and Senate bill S0187 – to REPEAL that 2019 law, which would return curricula decisions to local school committees, local school officials, and local parents.
People “in charge” rarely have a clue as to what the people need. They have bandaid solutions that don’t actually help. They talk about what’s “important” like they understand what that means. Meanwhile its the people they are supposedly trying to “help” that become the victims of neglect or abuse, left to suffer for thier arrogance
Pass house bill H5498 and Senate bill S0187 to repeal the 2019 law
We simple don’t trust the “so called” experts who have shown time and again they can’t be trusted not to indoctrinate our children with questionable and inaccurate information as well as undermining parental authority.
School curriculum should be history, reading, math and writing. Back to the basics and not this crt bull crap.
Since Commissioner Infante-Green assumed control, RIDE’s controversial policies have led to failing and falling student achievement across the state, all while per-pupil costs have soared.

We need change.

It’s disappointing that, 50+ years ago, with no federal Dept. of Education and little state oversight, education was much, much better. Does this embarrass you at all, or is your career all about the money?
As school committee chair of. Ponaganset High School and Foster school department
I can attest that local school districts need to address the needs of their students at a local level since they know what their students needs are . A blanket curriculum on a one size fits all aspect is not practical and only hindering our children’s education
Stop turning RI into California.
Get the porn out of our school libraries.
Big Brother thugs…
I think communities and parents should have more oversight over curticula
It’s about time we fight to take back our schools to many kids are struggling with this crazy curriculum.
I support decentralization of the school curriculum allowing local municipalities to instead decide what should be taught.
Just teach our children what they need how to read,write and arithmetic no woke nonsense
The indoctrination of our children, their exposure to Drag Queen Story Hours, CRT, the Common Core curriculum, the LGBTQ agenda, masks, and required vaccinations, and the retention of sexual predators among the faculties and staffs are but a few of the detrimental and forced policies perpetrated on our most vulnerable population. Sadly, the NEA and AFT are dictating policy to these cities and towns with their leftist, ‘woke’ agendas. It must end now!
Return control back to cities and towns!
RIDE needs to be accountable to our elected officials. Ceding that authority was a very big mistake. Take the power back. Do your job.

Petitioners to date by City & First Name:

Robin Ashaway
polly Ashaway
Jarrod Barrington
Maria Barrington
Julie Barrington
Sharon Barrington
Pamela Barrington
morgan barrington
Lisa Barrington
Heather Barrington
debra barrington
Jeffrey Barrington, ri
Crystal Bradford
Joseph Bradford, RI
Peter Bristol
Brian Bristol
Victoria Burrillville
Jennifer Burrillville
Christine Burrillville
Donald Burrillville
Alison Burriville
Laura Charlestown
John Charlestown
Tiffany Chepachet
Jeffery Coventry
Magan Coventry
Lori Coventry
Thomas Coventry
Sara Coventry
Patricia COventry
Jim Coventry
Gregory Coventry
Anne Coventry
Anna Cranston
Dianna Cranston
Larry Cranston
Thomas Cranston
Richard Cranston
Rachel Cranston
Mike Cranston
David Cranston
Mike Cranston
Michael Cranston
Lawrence Cranston
Debra Cranston
Bonnita Cranston
Robin Cumberland
David Cumberland
Andrea Cumberland
Thomas Cumberland
Jerome Cumberland
Mary Cumberland
Brittney Cumberland
Beth East Greenwich
Kristen East Greenwich
Peter East Greenwich
Catherine East Greenwich
Carolyn East Greenwich
Regina East Greenwich
patricia East Greenwich
Patricia East Providence
Joshua East Providence
Chuck East Providence
charles east providence
Ethan Exeter
Shirley Exeter
Michelle Exeter
Isaac Exeter
Adam Foster
Elisha Foster
Joshua Foster
David Foster
Shelley Foster
Phyllis Foster
Dale Foster
Marc Glocester
Steven Glocester
Amy Glocester
Cheryl Glocester
Richard Glocester
Michael Glocester
Ann Glocester
Shanley Harrisville
Wendy J Bruce Hope Valley
Lisa Hope Valley
Alfred Hope Valley
S Hopkinton
Deborah Hopkinton
Nicholas Johnston
Susan Lincoln
Paul lincoln
Cynthia Lincoln
Peg Little Compton
Shannon Middletown
David Middletown
Don N Kingstown
Amy Narragansett
Angela Narragansett
Roger Narragansett
Daniel Narragansett
Catherine Narragansett
john narragansett, ri
Kathryn Newport
Lisa North Kingstown
Joseph North Kingstown
Kimberley North Kingstown
James North Kingstown
Heather North Kingstown
Colleen North Providence
Crystal North Providence
Bethanie North Smithfield
Sheila North Smithfield
Leo North Smithfield
Marcia North Smithfield
Joyce North Smithfield
Tom North Smithfield
Stephen North Smithfield
Joey North Smithfield
Robert North Smithfield
Anne Marie North Smithfield
Mary Noth Providence
Stephanie Pawtucket
Stacey Pawtucket
Cathy Pawtucket
Pamela Portsmouth
Paula Portsmouth
Sofia Portsmouth
Adeline Portsmouth
Lawrence Portsmouth
Ted Portsmouth
Larry Portsmouth
Katlin Portsmouth
Stacey Providence
Paul Providence
Marietta Richmond
Patricia Richmond
Goldie Richmond
Louise Richmond
Kathryn Richmond
John Richmond
Guy Richmond
George Richmond
Jolene Richmond
Clay Richmond
Michelle Richmond
Jessica Riverside
Dale Rumford
Nancy Rumford
Fred Rumford
Deborah Saunderstown
Rebecca Scituate
Desiree Scituate
Brousseau Scituate
Anthony Arias Smithfield
Adam Smithfield
Mark Smithfield
Alana Smithfield
Paulette So. Kingstown
Heather South Kingstown
Mary Alice South Kingstown
Peter south kingstown
Kenneth South Kingstown
Rene Tiverton
Karen Tiverton
Allyn Tiverton
Kara W Greenwich
susan wakefield
Elias Wakefield
Christie Wakefield
Jennifer Warwick
Diane Warwick
Ricardo Warwick
Pat Warwick
James Warwick
Tanya Warwick
Michael Warwick
Christopher Warwick
Pat Warwick
Elena Warwick
Stephanie Warwick
Michael Warwick
Tara Warwick
Sharon Warwick
Russell Warwick
Raymond Warwick
Patrick Warwick
Jon Warwick
Mike Warwick
John Warwick
Robin Warwick
Lisa Warwick
Gina Warwick
Raymond Warwick
Justyne Warwick
Christopher Warwick
Bruce Warwick
Edward West Greenwich
Benjamin West Greenwich
Rose West Greenwich
Jared West Greenwich
Catherine West Greenwich
Clunton West Greenwich
Lynn West Greenwich
Paulette West Kingston
Paulette West Kingston
Joseph West Warwick
Alan West Warwick
Shannon West Warwick loop
Tom Westerly
Cynthia Westerly
Kerri Westerly
Margaret Westerly
Joyce Westerly
Rosalie Westerly
Douglas Westerly
Ruth Westerly
Seth Westerly
Dennis Westerly
Jan Westerly
Thomas Westerly
Robert Westerly
Lori Westerly
Jo Westerly
Jennifer Westerly
Jacqueline westerly
Joanne Westerly
Eileen Westerly
Joe Westerly
Donna Westerly
Maria Westerly RI
Tina Wood River Junction
Michelle Woonsocket
Rachel Woonsocket
Richard Woonsocket
Karen Wyoming
Emily Wyoming
Wendy Wyoming



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