Modern Slavery

Pro-Abortion Arguments Parallel Pro-Slavery Arguments

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The Arguments of Abortion Are the Arguments For Slavery

It is actually remarkable that one of the things conservatism has preserved the best in the United States is a culture of life.  Just as secular liberals have had to rebrand again as progressives since people stopped liking liberals, they are also having to rebrand the idea of “choice” as “women’s health.”  But the underlying issue is still the same.  They want to murder children legally.  And support for that proposition continues to be a minority proposition in the United States.

Make no mistake about it.  Abortion is the willful killing of children.  As society has grown more selfish, the arguments have taken on a greater intensity. “My” seems to reign supreme, i.e. my body, my choice, my freedom.  Few stop to point out that there is another person involved, one who cannot speak for herself.  I use “herself” intentionally because more often than not it is female babies whose skulls are cracked open, brains removed by vacuum, then ripped limb from limb.  We hide this barbarism behind the euphemisms of “abortion” or “choice” or now “women’s health,” but only to mask the barbarism.

It is the ironic grand end game of modern American feminism that would see future girls torn limb from limb in the name of the sexual revolution.  But support for abortion in this country is still a minority proposition, though an article of faith among Democrats and the left.  And as the left has failed to quash support for life, they have become increasingly radicalized in their approaches to stamping out life.  In California, for example, pregnancy centers that do not perform abortions were forced, by the state, to advertise for abortion providers until the Supreme Court put an end to that law.

Proving there is nothing new under the sun, modern progressivism functions like a five thousand year old death cult to Moloch.  Children once sacrificed for the rain gods must now be aborted to stave off global warming.  Children once sacrificed to the gods of harvest must now be aborted to stave off mass starvation.  What is old is new again.

In fact, the old arguments for slavery made by white plantation owners in the South have been repackaged as the new arguments by white progressives for abortion.  Slaves were property the slave owners could do with as they pleased.  Now we talk about bodies and how no one else can tell a woman what to do with her body. If she wants to have an abortion, who cares about the kid?  It is her property.

Likewise, slaves were not real people, according to the plantation owners.  Now, babies in the womb are not real people.  Slaves were actually better off on plantations than as savages in Africa, defenders of the institution told us.  Now we are told it is far better to kill the child than have her be born unwanted or unloved.  Slaves, we were told, could not really feel the pain of the beatings.  Now, babies in the womb cannot feel pain until they leave the womb.  Never mind what science says.  Science is a useful tool with which to bludgeon the religious in political fights, but science says children in the womb can feel pain.  We must ignore that to advance the abortion agenda.

The church and Christendom led the cause against slavery in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  Preachers and churches were condemned for interfering with property rights and trying to impose their religion on people.  Some churches were co-opted and used scripture to justify racism and slave ownership.  The same thing is happening now.  Christians are routinely assailed for their defense of life, except the Episcopal Church and a few others that have been co-opted into defending the murder of innocents.

Abortion is the new slavery.  As people, some of them survivors of abortions, marched for life in Washington on the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade this past weekend, we should pray that a resolution comes to this issue more peacefully than how this nation resolved slavery.  But we should not avoid the uncomfortable truth that daily, using the very same arguments used to defend slavery, people will continue to defend the barbarism of ripping apart children in the name of a choice.

Roe is now dead. But the fight for life must continue.

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