Q & A On TCI, The Transportation & Climate Initiative

Q. What is TCI?

The Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI) is a multi-state regional agreement designed to drive up the price of motor fuel (gasoline and on-road diesel). As a regressive tax, the TCI Gas Tax will disproportionately harm low-income families, especially those who live some distance from commercial centers or their workplace. Click here to give now to fight against the TCI Gas Tax.

Q. Why do TCI backers and climate alarmists want to drive up the price of motor fuel?

Because they are convinced that “climate change poses a clear, present, and increasingly dangerous threat to the communities and economic security” in Rhode Island and other regional states. The MOU says that the participating states will “need to implement bold initiatives to mitigate the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector,” which produce 40% of human-caused emissions.

Center TCI Red Car

Q. This sounds familiar. Isn’t this TCI attack on transportation just an extension of “RhodeMapRI”?

Yes. While much of our Center’s years-ago battle against RhodeMapRI focused on property rights, it has always been the goal of the left’s larger “sustainability” objectives to restrict and reduce the use of personal autos and business vehicles.

Q. What can citizens do to help fight back against the TCI Gas Tax?

Our Center needs your support. Can I count on you to contribute to stopping the TCI Gas tax today?

Your private gift to our Center means we can fight even harder against the environmental radicals. As the state’s leading free market advocacy and research organization, it is our mission to advance family and business friendly values… and stop Progressive schemes like the TCI Gas Tax.

Please click on the link here now to make your gift today.

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