Reprieve From Regressive Progressive Vision Is Probably Only Temporary

Rhode Island is engaged in a battle of visions. The progressive vision is transforming our Ocean State – before our very eyes – into an anti-human-work hell; where businesses face onerous regulatory and financial burdens;  where worker safety, attendance, and productivity are compromised or replaced by automation; and where Rhode Island becomes a less attractive place for employers, resulting in fewer good job opportunities for families. Contrast this regressive progressive vision with a positive, merit-based, pro-business and pro-family vision of success and achievement; where more Rhode Islanders realize a better quality of life, because more and better businesses create more and better jobs so that more of our people can engage in meaningful, soul-fulfilling work.
With the breakdown of the General Assembly session during the 2018 budget battle, the people of Rhode Island are the temporary winners. Apparently, the only way to stop the union-progressive policy tide from further drowning families, businesses and taxpayers is for Washington, D.C.-style drama to take hold in our Ocean State: in-party fighting, distrust … lack of communication among the chambers, and insider leaks. This is real news … where is CNN or Fox News?
However, we expect to see the progressive vision return next session. Rhode Island is saddled with the 50th ranked business climate, 48th on the Jobs & Opportunity Index (JOI), and 45th on the Family Prosperity Index (FPI).  It is clear that the Ocean State needs a new direction, one that puts families first. The real people of Rhode Island have been left out of the process for too long. The progressive left was dangerously close to achieving at least three of its four job-killing “fair shot” agenda items, which would have likely made these dismal national rankings even worse.
Do most Rhode Islanders feel as good about their family’s well-being as the unemployment rate and our politicians might suggest? I don’t think so. It is time to change the status quo thinking in Rhode Island, before it is too late. While the people of Rhode Island temporarily won in the budget breakdown, the progressive agenda will return. Your voice is powerful, it is up to you to speak out and demand the family friendly public policies that will transform the Ocean State into a place where people can achieve their hopes and dreams.
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