Rhode Island Is Losing The Competition Between States – Look for Major Report by Center

Although the state’s rank stayed the same, this month was not a good month for the state on the Center’s Jobs & Opportunity Index. Rhode Island remains last in New England at 47th place in the country. Employment was down another 521 people from the first-reported number for February, and the labor force dropped 1,234.
There is no indication that any political leader in the Ocean State has the bravery to steer the state’s ship in a winning direction. Encumbered by blind-dedication to a bloated budget, which itself is the state’s primary problem (with all of its taxes, fees, and mandates), political insiders have put forth no vision and are stuck in the rut of continuing the policies of stagnation.

In New England, New Hampshire leads the region, in 3rd place, nationally. Vermont fell a spot, to 12th place, while Maine held steady in 18th. Massachusetts and Connecticut also held their positions, at 36th and 42nd, respectively.

Why is it the case that Rhode Island is always stuck at the bottom of the pack? By heaping more privileges upon those who help get them elected, politicians continue to lose the trust of the people, who are also losing hope for our state. This is why the Ocean State will lose a prized US Congressional seat. The political class is driving away families & businesses.

Very soon, we will be releasing a major report on the excessive costs of collective bargaining in the Ocean State. This will be the biggest and most in-depth research project the Center has ever undertaken on any topic. Please be on lookout for this critical report.

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