RI Should Follow Virginia & Liberate Motorists from CA’s EV Mandate

PUBLISHER’S NOTE from Mike Stenhouse:

One by one, US states are decoupling their energy policies from the oppressive emissions policies set forth by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) … yet Rhode Island lawmakers refuse to free Ocean State motorists from unattainable and costly CARB mandates. 

If Rhode Island does not change course, and away from CARB’s Electric Vehicle mandates, by next decade the sale of gas powered vehicles will be prohibited in our state … forcing motorists to purchase much more expensive, lower performing, and less reliable EVs. EV’s cost nearly $10,000 more than gas-powered cars, on average. 

In late 2023, Connecticut abandoned CARB. Now, in mid 2024, Virginia has followed suit by restoring consumer choice and ending its state’s adherence to California’s emissions standards … set by unelected bureaucrats and extremist ideologues over 3000 miles away.

Similarly, Ocean State motorists deserve the right to choose which vehicle they will drive. Similarly, Ocean State lawmakers must take an “all of the above” approach by decoupling from CARB and providing vehicle freedom to its drivers.

Check out my recent opinion piece: Now is the time for RI to decouple from CARB.

Youngkin Pulls the Plug on Gas Car Ban

The Virginia Governor is battling back against President Biden’s inane war on oil and gas, as the White House continues to move forward with its plan to ban the internal combustion engine in cars over the next decade. And progressive California is trying to tug the rest of the country with them over the EV cliff.

According to the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, it’s very good news that the Virginia governor has canceled the mandate that all cars sold in the Old Dominion must be EVs by 2035. Under a Biden-granted Clean Air Act waiver, California is the only state allowed to set air emissions standards more stringent than federal rules, and about a dozen states have chosen to follow California Governor Gavin Newsom’s lead and ban all internal combustion vehicles.  (Biden’s national version bans about 70 percent of internal combustion vehicles by model year 2032, the last year it covers.)

“Once again, Virginia is declaring independence – this time from a misguided electric vehicle mandate imposed by unelected leaders nearly 3,000 miles away” Youngkin declared. “Virginians deserve the freedom to choose which vehicles best fit the needs of their families and businesses.”

Youngkin has the voters solidly behind him. A new Mason-Dixon poll shows Virginians oppose it by 64% to 33%.  Fewer than 10% of the cars sold to Virginians last year were electric.

A new legal opinion from state Attorney General Jason Miyares makes a strong legal argument that the governor has this power.

This is a big win for freedom and consumer sovereignty in VA.

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