“Save RI”: The Antidote To The Progressive Agenda

Rhode Island families understand that our quality of life can only be improved if more and better businesses create more and better jobs! Yet, the progressive-left has a very different vision. They are openly promoting job-killing, anti-business, and anti-family policies. Their so-called “fair shot agenda” would transform our Ocean State into a liberal utopia … where businesses face even higher legal and financial risks, and where worker safety, absenteeism, and workplace productivity are compromised.

The Ocean State faces a stark choice. Do you want a Rhode Island where there are increased hiring costs by significantly raising the state’s minimum wage? Or, mandated “paid leave” that every RI employer must comply with or else? Do you think there should be free-college tuition that you and I have to pay for by keeping our taxes high? How can legalization of recreational use of marijuana help any Rhode Island family?

We’ve created a new audio clip to show what their job killing agenda would look like. Click here now to listen to it. With your support, our Center can save Rhode Island from progressive ANTI-JOBS agenda! Can you help us meet our goal of raising $5,000 so we can run radio and social media ads?

Click To Listen On RIFreedom.org

We have the answer! A 3.0% sales tax is the antidote to the progressive agenda in the Ocean State. Only free market solutions can help Rhode Island families to achieve their hopes and dreams. If only lawmakers were to realize that there are answers, we could restore prosperity to the Ocean State. I encourage you to speak out against the insiders who want to further their own agenda, while your family is kept out of the process. Rhode Islanders want a state government that works for everyone not just the chosen few. You have the power to change the status quo.

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