Doctor Scott is OUT.

Dr. Nicole Alexander Scott’s resignation from the Rhode Island Department of Health was a self-inflicted wound of setting impossible expectations, then not being able to meet them.

With Scott’s oppressive regime on the way out:

Our Center calls on Governor Mckee to immediately end the failed Healthcare Worker Vaccine Mandate and restore, or allowed to be restored, all healthcare workers – like Doc Skoly – who have lost their jobs because of this policy that backfired on Rhode Island.

On our #InTheDugout web show today, Sten will explain why Dr .Scott had to be fired by Gov. Mckee. And, he will systematically DESTROY the failed agenda that she advised and implemented at RIDOH.

Plus, Dr. Andrew Bostom weighs in. He will discuss the latest findings that support all that we’ve been telling you for the past 18 months.

We are LIVE at 4:00pm, click here to watch.



-Doctor Scott out at RIDOH

-Dr. Andrew Bostom on Covid numbers

-And, more!

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