Star Spangled Gamblers: The Saltiest Primary of the Year


From the Star Spangled Gamblers: 

“The race features incumbent Dan McKee, who lucked-into the job when President Biden tapped then-Governor Gina Raimondo for his cabinet.

McKee is deeply unpopular and facing multiple tough intra-party challengers, including:

  • Secretary of State (and mean girl) Nellie Gorbea
  • Rich Corporate Executive Helena Foulkes; and
  • Some random guy named Matt Brown

The woke crowd is also getting fired-up for this election, due to the fact that Nellie Gorbea would be the state’s first-ever Latina governor.

However, I will be totally honest and say that I know almost nothing about Rhode Island. So we are so lucky to have MIKE STENHOUSE join us to explain where the money is in this race.

Mike is the founder of the Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity, and he’s a contributor to The Ocean State Current. That is a fancy way of saying that he is deeply tied-into the local political scene, both as an activist and a pundit.”

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